Home remedies against menstrual cramps

Home remedies against menstrual cramps

By Paolo Caffelli

1 Ginger infusion

Ginger is great for relieving menstrual cramps and if we add the relaxing benefits of chamomile, the result is a magnificent infusion. For this home remedy you will need:

• 1 cup of water (250 ml)

• 1 teaspoon dried ginger (kion)

• 1 teaspoon dried chamomile

First boil the ginger root in the water in a covered pot for 5 minutes, after a while, remove from the heat and add the dried chamomile. Let stand for 10 minutes and then strain the preparation, if you wish you can add honey to sweeten it. The ideal is to take this preparation 3 times a day.

2 Mundillo

The mundillo has sedative properties, in addition to helping to relax the uterine muscle; Valerian has the power to reduce stress in general; and ginger is a great antispasmodic that also gently stimulates menstrual flow. For this home remedy you will need:

• 30 ml of mundillo extract

• ½ ml of valerian extract

• ½ teaspoon ginger extract (kion)

Mix the 3 extracts in a dark glass jar, shake well. Every time you feel the pain caused by menstrual cramps, take a teaspoon of this preparation mixed with a little warm water, you can use it 3 or 4 times a day.

3 Chamomile and oregano

In this case, the relaxing power of chamomile is added to those of oregano, resulting in a wonderful infusion against colic. For this home remedy you will need:

• 2 teaspoons oregano

• 1 teaspoon of chamomile seed

• 1 cup of boiling water

Pour the oregano and chamomile into the boiling water and leave covered for 10 minutes, then consume, you can add honey or sugar to sweeten the preparation. The ideal way to avoid the pain of menstruation is to consume 2 cups a day. You can also alternate taking an infusion of oregano alone and one of chamomile alone.

4 Other natural infusions

Not only infusions of oregano, ginger, chamomile and mundillo are effective for menstrual cramps. There are other products in nature that also cause the same effect as those mentioned above.

Among them we can mention fennel, which is also an emmenagogue and helps the natural process of menstruation and relieves pain. Rue is also a powerful natural emmenagogue, although it must be taken under medical supervision as it is a powerful abortifacient.

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