Documentary: Dirt!

Documentary: Dirt!

The need to cultivate and gather the fruits in order to feed ourselves has existed since humanity began to think logically. The documentary reflects on and shows us how the impact of climate change, the economy, the social aspect and the influence of large multinationals are seriously affecting farmland throughout the world.

The documentary Dirt! It was directed by Bill Benenson and Gene Rosow, the film reflects the concern of maintaining the fertility of the earth, showing how it is being affected, altered and destroyed in different ways that even some of us did not even know. The miracle of life begins in the ground as a small seed which will grow, develop and bear fruit if properly cared for.

From the great capitals of the world, where food and ingredients are used to offer delicious gastronomic dishes to the public, to observe the serious situation that the African continent is experiencing, where the soil has turned into sand, unable to provide life or food to people. and animals around, this feature film promises to change the way you think.

The testimonies provided by experts, analyze the understanding capacity possessed by people who really appreciate or belittle the quality and capacity that planet earth possesses to contribute everything we need to live fully.

But the problem is in the ambition of the human being, who wants to reduce the cultivation time at all costs to increase the harvests, seeking to generate large profits. This results in the abuse of nature and the exploitation of natural resources.

It is necessary to become aware of the problem and be able to conserve the soils, since the secondary effects such as pollution, floods and fires are taking the lead right now.

The documentary lasts 1 hour and 20 minutes, was released in 2009, produced in the United States with the narration and collaboration in the libretto by Jamie Lee Curtis.

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