We live on Earth like we have another one to go to

We live on Earth like we have another one to go to

Have you ever imagined where human beings could live outside of Earth? Although thousands of planets are known today, the truth is that none of them present the ideal conditions that the earth presents for our physiological characteristics.

Going beyond survival itself, we speak of quality of life. A quality of life in which the environment that surrounds us and gives us shelter, the earth, has a lot to do with it. It is its oxygen levels, its temperature or the resources it offers us that allow our existence.

Historical concerns for the environment

Although it may be curious, human concern for the protection of the environment is not a phenomenon that has become fashionable in recent years. If we go back to the beginning of civilization, we will already find the first attempts at awareness.

Already 400 years before Christ we find the work of Hippocrates "Aires, waters and places" in which the importance of the environment for the care of diseases and the benefits that it could have for our health is emphasized.

As the history of man on Earth progresses, we find other authors such as Thomas Sydenham, Giovanni Maria Lancisi, William Farr or John Snow who also wrote interesting postulates about the need for a suitable environment to guarantee our existence. No longer of the people who now step on Earth, but of future generations: we are responsible for the planet that we leave them.

Effects of the environment on health

According to data from the WHO (World Health Organization), approximately 1.3 million people die worldwide from the effects of urban air pollution. Half come from developing countries.

Conditions and lack of hygiene in the environment affect the health of the inhabitants in different ways. Respiratory problems, heart problems, cancers, etc., are the most common effects. These are revealed with greater virulence in those people who are already suffering from some type of disease.

If we live in a society with a dirty environment capable of causing a large number of diseases, it is clear that our body will never enjoy good health. This fact has a negative effect on our mind.

As is well known, the endocrine and nervous systems regulate bodily functions. Emotions and thoughts have a strong dependence on health. We have to see ourselves as integral beings in whose organisms everything is related.

The interaction of our body in a stale environment of low atmospheric and organic quality will directly affect our mind. Negative thoughts, emotions and feelings of pain can be directly affected by our physiognomy.

What are the benefits of caring for the environment

Caring for the environment provides an important series of benefits that we all have to be clear about. In this sense, the advantages are very numerous both individually and collectively:

• The reduction of air pollution provides a higher quality of it, so the effect is as beneficial for our body as it is for our own mind.

• Reducing the consumption of fossil fuels will help stop deforestation on the planet, which will improve the environment, the air we breathe and our own health.

• The possibility of living in a healthier and cleaner environment directly affects our psyche. The union of the whole that is our physiognomy and mind will have a very positive effect.

• The common project to improve the environment helps in a positive sense our way of thinking. Being something collective, it increases our assertiveness and our solidarity.

• The fact of knowing that we are doing something good, both individually and collectively, is a spur to be more positive in our way of thinking.

• Of course, as long as we don't have a viable way to get off this planet, even if it's out of a petty selfish sense and not because we thank nature for what it gives us, it is everyone's mission to take care of our planet, our mother Earth.

Caring for the environment is not a whim. The lack of touch with our world has both direct and indirect and collateral effects that affect each of the people who inhabit the earth. It is everyone's mission to protect it if we really want to continue having the opportunity to live.

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