Repsol kills slowly and nobody complains?

Repsol kills slowly and nobody complains?

A tease

The word sustainable is so fashionable and so “politically correct” that it is used for everything and in the most unusual ways imaginable. Sustainable according to the Royal Academy: it is an action that can be maintained over time without depleting the resources used or causing environmental damage.

So to begin with, sustainable energy is something that does not exist, in any case one could speak of energy production in a sustainable way, something that everyone knows that Repsol does NOT do; a lot of nose has only to insinuate it (and above doing it wrong).

Black world record

We are talking about a company that has a large and vast history of environmental and human rights abuses in the various countries where it operates, affecting thousands of people and that has destroyed (and continues to do so with more impunity than control) important ecosystems of irreversibly, such as the Amazon, the African forests, the Bolivian highlands and Patagonia.

The only certainty we have regarding Repsol is that it is an insecure company, which is only motivated by the desire to earn money regardless of the costs in human lives or ecological damage, which allocates an insufficient and ineffective budget to the prevention of accidents, which manages risks in the worst possible way, which calls itself “green” but has a lousy environmental policy and that wherever they install their factories they sow death and destruction. A button is enough to show.

Repsol in Tarragona

In Tarragona, the Repsol petrochemical company is responsible for the numerous phenol discharges that dumped into the Francolí River, the periodic and recurrent hydrocarbon spills on the banks and the innumerable cases of cancer and respiratory diseases suffered by residents of the Pobla de Mafumet factory.

Until now, only one case has been verified at the judicial level of cancer caused by the entity, that of a worker of a subsidiary company who suffered from follicular lymphoma and that according to the Soc. Court No. 1 of Tarragona is due to labor causes, which It implies a serious irresponsibility of the company regarding the occupational health prevention measures that were taken.

Almost no control

What is most outrageous is that the Generalitat commits to a lot but then hides behind the EU regulations. A clear case is the control of the strong emissions of polluting gases, of which it is only necessary to pass near the plants to check in situ the non-breathability of the surrounding air.

The controls of said air carried out by the Generalitat are limited to Benzene (of which a figure 10 times greater than the allowed amount was found) since it is what the EU indicates, but there are more than 160 compounds found in the rarefied air , that they are unhealthy and that whoever has taken the trouble to measure them has verified that they exceed the parameters considered “normal”.

An example is the compound called 1.3 Butiadene, a by-product of petroleum distillation that is emitted when making plastics and rubber or synthetic rubber for tires, classified by the IARC as carcinogenic (not probable but effectively carcinogenic) and from which they were found in the air, levels ten times what is allowed.

These measurements have been carried out by the University of Catalonia at the request of the living forces of the municipalities involved, tired of breathing poison and that the authorities that it is understood should take responsibility for the issue, will demonstrate not only incompetence, but an absolute lack of interest in giving answers and in looking for real solutions.

The Generalitat argues that it is not possible to locate the specific source of said component, which has left its interlocutors open-mouthed, who wonder if what prompts that answer is passivity, collusion or ineptitude.

For its part, Repsol admits that its plastics factories (more than 40% of the country's demand is produced in Tarragona) produce said compound, but they explain that surveillance and control are exhaustive within the plant, which is why it caused them "Surprise" the presence of it outside of her.

A final thought

Cancer rates in the areas surrounding Repsol factories around the world are skyrocketing, as well as the worsening of respiratory diseases and allergies, the surrounding air is always rarefied, you see flares "burning" who knows what waste comes from nearby chimneys and soils are hopelessly contaminated.

Do people actually have to die for someone to lift a finger, while the company makes media self-promotion of sustainability and signs agreements to sponsor the Mediterranean Games? What are all those who in one way or another are being complicit in the environmental disaster and the degradation of the health of workers and neighbors are waiting for?

It is not possible that only a handful of neighbors, a couple of responsible media and some NGOs worry about denouncing these facts, more than proven, while the relevant authorities, most of the providers and those who defend that "give work "keep looking the other way, in order to get an economic cut or not" get into trouble. "


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