After 140 years of history, the Federal Capital Zoo is permanently closed

After 140 years of history, the Federal Capital Zoo is permanently closed

The Buenos Aires zoo located in the Palermo neighborhood closed its doors and will be transformed into a space for "environmental awareness." The measure was announced by the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, and his Minister of Modernization, Andy Freire, who gave a press conference on the premises. "There is a situation of captivity that for us is degrading for the animals. It is not the way to take care of them. At this point it does not transmit to the children the values ​​that we want to transmit. We want the children to love the environment and this is not the place "said Rodríguez Larreta.

"We need a society that values ​​the sustainability of the environment. We have to take care of animals and the way it looks here is not correct," he added.

The communal leader emphasized that the principles will be "to preserve that it is a space for the children and the animals to interact, that they continue to see the schools, that it be an educational place for the children to learn and that it be a place of entertainment."

Freire explained that the ultimate goal will be that there are no more species that inhabit the property permanently. As he expressed, the specimens that can live in better conditions will gradually be taken, so only those that due to illness or other risks will not be able to do so. "It is important that this is a place where species are rehabilitated and then transferred," he said.

"Today we are going to close it temporarily. It is going to reopen before the winter holidays and we are going to create a collection account. What people pay at the entrance will be used exclusively for the transfer of animals. We do not want more than the animals pay the cost of the education of the boys ", clarified.

Asked about the fate of the animals, Larreta indicated that it is "case by case", so the matter requires the study of the conditions in which each species is found. "The new values ​​will be to relate children to animals, to diversity, transmitting sustainability values. There is no need to have animals in this state here," he concluded.

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