Tokyo's "miracle": How 38 million people live in the world's most livable city


The Japanese capital tops this annual ranking that the British publication, one of the most influential in lifestyle, has drawn up based on parameters such as public transport, cultural and nightlife, security or bookstores that can be found in the cities.

No city in Latin America appears on the Monocle list, while Berlin, Vienna, Copenhagen or Munich follow the Japanese capital, crowned as the most livable in the world.

Despite being a megalopolis of almost 38 million inhabitants, the London-based magazine highlights Tokyo's nightlife, its pedestrian nature, its balance between technological efficiency and traditional life, and its wide gastronomic offer.

In addition to the Japanese capital, Monocle includes on its list the Japanese cities of Fukuoka (7) and Kyoto (9) and the Asian cities of Hong Kong (18) and Singapore (20).

The list is drawn up with the votes of the magazine's network of correspondents. Among the evaluated criteria are population data, ease of reaching the airport, environmental initiatives, average temperatures, access to nature or the closing hours of bars.

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