A family that inspires and proves that self-sustaining life is possible

A family that inspires and proves that self-sustaining life is possible

They are a team, together with Lucía (7) and León (5) their children, they are the exotic neighbors of the Cementerio neighborhood in the City of Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay.

Both university professionals, each one from their own approach, are shaping an idea that is not far from ideal, minimizing the carbon footprint "now !, wherever you are, now and forever."

As Paula comments, "the carbon footprint is our inheritance, which without scruples for the connoisseurs and with ignorance the rest, we are leaving for our descendants, compromising the survival of life on the planet". She claims that it is a responsible attitude towards mother nature to whom we owe our lives.

Paula (Pharmaceutical Chemist), is the one who is in charge of the elaboration of cleaning products, personal care, medicines and of course cooking with heart. The preservation of the seed bank, the drying of the medicines grown in the garden, making preserves. "The upbringing of the boys must be in person," he affirms, while Lucía and León climbed to the Morera jump and run to the henhouse to see if there are eggs.

“We are interested in educating them by example, love for Mother Nature, is what will surely help them to be whole beings and they are the true tools of survival. They cultivate with us, they learn all the domestic tasks with us and the idea is that they understand that by minimizing consumption we are freer ”.

"Freedom is a sensation" and complicit laughter is heard between these two colleagues who show that they have a plan, it would seem that they are not improvising.

Bernardo, Architect, Visual artist, is in charge of the crops with the collaboration of the little ones, they only grow seasonal crops, they do not have a greenhouse, they say that a greenhouse is not necessary in this part of the city. A microclimate is created that allows different practices to be carried out than in the field, "for example we do not have frosts." Art is part of the family, the central trunk of expression and also a mode of monetary income - “we have not decided to completely get out of the system and this is the point, is it real to get out completely? We can modify our actions and add in the change anyway, it is not necessary to go to the field to begin ... "

So they live in a house, in the middle of the city and they live self-sustaining, how?

- We have an organic garden of approximately 200m2 and 7 hens. As Vandana Shiva says “the most revolutionary thing is to have a garden”, our idea is to eat healthy, in harmony with the environment, without pretending to have tomatoes in winter or to buy them in the supermarket. Nature knows what we need, she gives herself to us, if we quiet the mind, moderate our vibrational frequencies and listen, we can connect and everything flows.

- Self-support implies being a “family orchestra” from growing food, preparing it, using solar energy for cooking, household chemicals, as I said before, minimizing consumption, the footprint.

And the workshops?

-Yes, Paula gives workshops of Homemade Pharmacy and I of Organic Urban Garden, confirms Bernardo. Our intention is to cause a "spread" effect in the city, to ensure that there are more and more urban gardens, with the faith that with the connection with the earth, we all understand where things are going.

The phrase of this friend of you was sure to be right, inspiration and the desire to get down to work is triggered within the world of Paula and Bernardo.

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