Edible glasses to take care of the environment

Edible glasses to take care of the environment

Some people wonder why we use materials for a few hours that we then throw away and take hundreds of years to decompose. They are the ones who dared to give life to developments that intend to replace PET plastic, for example, as a bottle container made from algae in Iceland, or an edible and biodegradable bag created in London.

At the level of the classic plastic 'disposable cups' that we use for parties and other types of events, American entrepreneurs Chelsea Briganti and Leigh Ann Tucker combined their concern for the environment and their passion for design to create biodegradable and edible cups, with the proposal of an interesting product that is not toxic to health or the environment.

Loliware is the name of these glasses whose design is inspired by the typical party glass and also by the typical reliefs of vintage crystal glasses. They are produced with seaweed, natural sweeteners, fruits and vegetables. Gluten-free and gelatin-free, they can be found in different flavors: cherry, citric, green tea, vanilla and neutral flavor, ideal to combine with a cocktail, aperitif, dessert, water or any type of drink.

Of course, it is not an obligation to eat the glass once the drink is finished, this is only an option. The important thing is that they are environmentally friendly no matter how much they are disposed of, since they are 100% biodegradable.

The current price of this product is $ 14.99, which is equivalent to a pack of 4 glasses. It can be obtained in New York or through the internet.

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