How does electricity fraud work? We explain it to you in detail

How does electricity fraud work? We explain it to you in detail

You have probably heard of electricity fraud many times, especially in recent days considering that they have removed the license to several of them. In reality, it is a rather complex process to understand that does not always appear in the media and that, for that reason, today becomes the protagonist of our blog. If you have always wanted to know how electricity fraud works, you have to read everything we tell you today in an entertaining and simple way. What do you say, are you willing to understand one of the news that appears the most times of those related to the world of energy and the domestic economy?

Electricity fraud is something really important not only for companies or the State, but also for each and every one of the consumers. In fact, the characteristic of electricity fraud is that according to current legislation we all pay for it. That is, it does not matter who is really the one who defrauds because that lag is going to be reflected in each and every one of our electricity bills. Does it seem unfair to you? Well, let's see how it develops below.

The light fraud companies

Luci Mundi Energía, Nortedison Electric, Oltem Llum, Comercial Eólica Supply de Energía, Zero Electrum and Electro Commercial Support and Management are the companies that currently have been left without the possibility of continuing to offer private customers electricity contracts for having caused a electrical fraud amounting to a hole of about 200 million euros. This is an important figure that, however, can increase considerably due to the slowness of bureaucratic processes when it comes to stopping companies that are managed with bad practices.

How electrical fraud occurs

Electricity fraud occurs when one of these trading companies buys in the wholesale market a smaller amount of the energy that it estimates its customers will consume. As your customers consume more than they need and for which they have been billed, they move to the second market, where the cost of electricity doubles. However, these additional costs are not directly detailed on the invoice because they are not invoiced as such. Therefore, there is a gap between what has been paid and what should be generated by generating those holes that we see on the front page of most newspapers.

But why are they dealing with such high amounts when talking about electricity fraud? In fact, this is precisely where the bureaucratic component comes into play. From the time a company bets on these bad practices, until the license is withdrawn, a series of sanctions and verification procedures are passed that make the fraud perpetuate over time and, therefore, increase to the figures we have just finished mentioned in the previous paragraphs.

An electrical fraud harmful to everyone

However, despite the sanctions that exist, the lag that occurs when this electrical fraud is executed is not reflected in the accounts of the companies that only execute it. The current electricity law estimates that it is the consumers themselves who face this possible problem and, therefore, an amount is charged to each of us in the electricity bill of each month. That means that no matter with whom you have contracted the electricity, and without committing any type of fraud as a consumer, you will also pay for that deviation that some companies are producing.

Although all companies are under scrutiny and are subject to controls to prevent electricity fraud, it is true that all those that have been sanctioned and whose license has been eliminated were start-up companies that used to make very succulent offers to their customers. customers. These offers could be assumed with the process that we explain in the electricity fraud, but it is something that is not sustainable in the market over time and that causes harm to all consumers.

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