Brazilian designs a system that allows "infinite" baths with 10 liters of water

Brazilian designs a system that allows

At first glance it may seem silly, but you must first understand the mechanism of this invention to wish to have one of these showers.

It works this way, when we bathe the water from the shower falls and slides down the drain, from there it goes through two filters. Then the water is pressurized by a pump and filtered two more times. And finally, the water passes through another tank to disinfect and sterilize it through ultraviolet light and ozone.

Showerair also has a device so that the water goes to the toilet tank, after taking a bath. This way, the water in the toilet could be recycled as soon as you have finished bathing, especially if you are not the next person to use it, because it is not recommended that more than one person use the same water.

At present, the shower is for sale in Brazil and Paulino hopes to start distributing it worldwide very soon.

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