How to germinate a tomato from the supermarket

How to germinate a tomato from the supermarket

Months ago they asked me if it was possible to germinate a tomato bought in a supermarket, the answer is yes, of course it can, really the tomato (although not in all cases) is collected completely ripe from the plant, so many times its seed It is already formed at the time of harvest, so it is possible to germinate a supermarket tomato.

Although this does not happen with all the fruits that we buy in the supermarket; For example, they have also asked me if cucumber or zucchini seeds could be germinated and in these cases, it is not possible, because neither the fruit nor the seeds have fully formed at the time of harvest. In the case of peppers, it depends on the variety and the level of maturity, it could also be done.

Today we are going to see how simple it is to be able to germinate a tomato that we buy in the supermarket and in addition to a different way, we are not going to take the seed and save it, we are going to sow the tomato directly and in a short time we will be able to see what happens, if it germinates or it does not germinate. The interesting thing is in itself the experiment and if we do it, we should always try to look for an organic tomato and above all, that it is not a hybrid, because if so, the fruit that it gives us could be a lottery.

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