Machu Picchu is full of waste and the situation is already serious

Machu Picchu is full of waste and the situation is already serious

By Alexandra Spuhr

It is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Latin America and also one of the ancestral places that keeps historical secrets of the Inca civilization.

Although it has been on the list of World Heritage Sites since 1983, the large number of visitors that Machu Picchu receives has had a direct impact on the environment.

Trash is a problem; In the absence of systems to evacuate tons of waste, waste accumulates and complicates not only the stay of visitors, but also the day-to-day life of the people who live and work there.

The situation is so critical that Unesco will evaluate in 2017 the inclusion of Machu Picchu in the list of heritage at risk. According to Mayor David Gayoso, this is the deadline to complete the proposed improvements.

But what to do about this? Clearly, it is not just a lack of landfills or poor waste management. You also have to consider the ecological culture - or the lack of it - that each person who arrives at this destination brings with them.

Due to the geography, it is difficult to find a place to store the waste that is collected three times a day and the accumulation of garbage attracts rodents and bad odors.

It may be necessary for the authorities in charge of Cusco and its nearby tourist sectors to take measures to eliminate the root problem: create awareness in visitors.

Puente Ruinas is the main point of access and departure for the more than 3,000 tourists who visit the Inca sanctuary every day, and one measure could be to control the entry of items that will end up as waste, such as plastic bottles, papers, cigarettes, etc.

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