Reopens the Buenos Aires zoo with conscious visits

Reopens the Buenos Aires zoo with conscious visits

With the beginning of the winter holidays, this Saturday July 16 the Buenos Aires zoo could be visited with certain modifications towards the conscious path of the institution.

In this new period, the zoo will receive only 2000 daily visitors with conscious tours, without being able to feed the animals and while working for the transformation and transfer of 1500 species to more suitable wild habitats.

In what is now the Zoo, the "Interactive City Ecopark" will be created, where there will be no exhibition of animals in captivity in order to preserve and care for the species.

Currently 930 mammals, 113 reptiles and 430 birds live in the institution that will be taken to natural sanctuaries or reserves throughout the country and the world.

In the future, it is expected to create a Biodiversity Corridor that integrates the future eco-park with the Botanical Garden and Tres de Febrero Park, as well as promoting the space as a meeting place where entrepreneurs and organizations can carry out projects related to the conservation of the


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