Eating fruits and vegetables could increase your happiness

Eating fruits and vegetables could increase your happiness

We have always been clear that fruits and vegetables are good for our body, but we have never been sure that they are good for the mood.

That is so far, that researchers from the universities of Queensland and Warwick have published a study based on the observation of the behavior of 12,385 people chosen at random, where it was possible to conclude that the extra consumption of these foods would influence our mood.

The researchers studied the longitudinal daily meals of the participants, relative to the years 2007, 2009 and 2013, and examined the effect that an extra serving of fruits and vegetables had on people's spirits.

The study concluded that people who went from not eating any fruit or vegetables to consuming about eight servings a day, increased their level of happiness. In fact, the study showed that the level of euphoria and satisfaction that occurs is similar to what happens when a person goes from a state of unemployment to employment.

While scientists are not yet completely sure what specifically causes the rise in mood, there is speculation that there may be a connection between optimism and carotenoids in the blood.

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