A home garden allows you to have control over the food your family consumes

A home garden allows you to have control over the food your family consumes

From a planter on a terrace to a plot, any space is good for having your own garden and growing organically, an increasingly widespread practice among those who need or want to have control of what they consume.

You just have to be aware of the space and what can be grown in it and take into account the sunlight -which has to reach the plant in its growth stage-, the degree of humidity, a soil rich in nutrients. and the appropriate seed for each season of the year.

And if the purpose is to grow organically, attend to a fundamental principle, that of avoiding any chemical product, because “there are alternatives, and all pests and diseases of the plant can be fought with remedies.

You can grow more than 1,150 kilos of vegetables

In just 152 square meters it is possible to grow more than 1,150 kilos of vegetables. This figure represents how much a family can save by growing their own food with an agroecological garden. This was stated by a study by ProHuerta, the program of the Ministry of Social Development and INTA, carried out for two years by specialists from the institute in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires (AMBA).

"Well managed, the orchards have a fairly stable yield," said Francisco Pescio, coordinator of ProHuerta in the AMBA-Delta region, who specified that, in the studied area - typical of peri-urban and rural areas, rather than urban -, it was achieved a productivity of 7.5 kilos of vegetables per square meter.

The savings achieved is significant, in particular, for the target audience of ProHuerta: “The program is designed especially for families in vulnerable situations, who sometimes cannot buy vegetables, and in this sense, it is important that they can produce healthy and nutritious for their own consumption ”. In addition, the extension agent pointed out, the orchard growers often share their harvest with other relatives and neighbors and, eventually, they may commercialize the surpluses.

Bring horticulture to all audiences

Carlos Calvo is a businessman in love with organic farming and especially with urban gardens, a way of “bringing this activity closer to anyone who wants to grow their own products in a small space”.

Together with his partner Juanjo Sánchez they created ‘La Caja de Semillas’, an initiation project to organic cultivation for children and adults that offers them all the necessary tools to design an urban garden with a didactic vocation.

"There are other similar products on the market, but they stay in the sale of seeds," he said; "We have wanted to go further and have created a website that is an online growing school", in which the user learns what an urban garden is and is trained in organic farming.

A garden in any space

Originally, an urban garden was a non-cultivated area that municipalities or individuals made available to the interested party to self-supply their own garden products in exchange for a rent.

However, the concept has evolved and today "any space is worth it", and there are people capable of obtaining quality products under the principles of sustainable agriculture in a simple planter on a terrace, Calvo has recognized.

The 'Seed Box' offers three different models, one for a terrace, another for a garden and another for a vegetable garden, and includes different varieties of vegetable, fruit or vegetable seed, containers, tools, soil, compost and an orientation guide.

These are organic, recyclable and biodegradable products; "We want our impact on nature to be minimal and make people lovers of agriculture and cultivation with sustainable methods," he assured.

An emotional bond

“We are motivated by being able to create emotional bonds between people and nature and to transmit the illusion that we have”, he pointed out, and, “although we do not provide an advisory service itself, we do like to resolve any type of doubt or curiosity ”.

For Carlos Calvo, “things are cyclical, there have always been orchards and we are going back to that, people are getting tired of shopping in large stores and are returning to the idea of ​​self-sufficiency, spending less money and knowing that what they eat is more healthy".

With your own garden "you are able to control the whole process", he insisted, and the effort has a reward; "It is not the same to eat a salad with what you have grown than to consume a packaged one, there is no color," he assured.

Carlos Calvo recalled that a good organic farmer should never use chemical or non-natural products, because there is an alternative to everything.

For example, the ideal soil is the one composed of worm humus and blond peat, a good method to combat fungi is to apply yogurt with water to the plant and to scare away the snails it is best to spread pieces of shell peel next to the plant. egg.

For all audiences

The website, active for two months, has received visits from people "of all profiles", from young people to retired grandparents who need to occupy their time or people who in this way remember their youth in town.

For this reason, ‘La Caja de Semillas’ is already working on new products, with more varieties of seeds, aimed at culinary or medicinal uses, and a special kit for children.

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