RELEASE (From the creators of Agenda Esoterica and KYMATICA)

RELEASE (From the creators of Agenda Esoterica and KYMATICA)

At an important time in his life, rob of the Page family began an inner journey to free himself from his fears, government control, and dependence on the public energy and food supply. Share this journey that freed you from the "system game"

Ben: Stewart and Dan Stewart, creators of Esoteric Agenda and Kymatica, focus the essence of this film on the vital and spiritual journey formed by moments of transition and transformation in the life of every human being.
The purpose of this film is not to provide legal advice, nor to educate, but to fuel inspiration. To become a little more what we already are.

“The inner work is a question of letting go, of liberating ourselves and of RELEASING; not to add anything to what already exists. This process of transformation and inner liberation only has real depth when it is reflected and embodied in the daily lives of our lives. ”Don Richardson and Russ Hudson
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Video: AGENDA ESOTERICA 1313 (September 2021).