Mental contamination in times of environmental cannibalism

Mental contamination in times of environmental cannibalism

By Carlos Ruperto Fermín

Every day we sleep in bed with our beloved Smartphone, we receive the Eucharist with a tasty lamb in our stomach, we dance reggaeton in front of the faces of the poorest, we shop until we die in the fun shopping centers, we forget the legacy of boring towns natives, we breathe the tremendous smog of the allergic traffic light, and we omit the rule of the contraceptive method.

It is clear that custom transforms us into robotic humans. First we adopt a sophisticated social trend, which dictates the pattern of our daily life. And then we adapt that routine social scheme, in all the ordinary activities that we carry out daily.

It's like putting a hamburger in your mouth, and eating it with a tongue without taste buds. You know you are eating meat, but you cannot identify the taste of the meat. Out of desperation, we will continue eating, chewing and swallowing, to find a taste for the greasy hamburger. But at the end of the uncontrollable desire to satisfy our palate, we will taste an obsessive compulsive disorder that will never give up.

For fear of defeat, we never fall into the grave. For fear of loneliness, we reproduce at any time and on any mattress. And out of fear of failure, we stab ourselves with the bloody bills of success.

There is no doubt that our brilliant brains suffer the consequences of a legendary head injury, which left us blind, deaf and dumb, in a sick process of global Transculturation.

That's why we always know how to say hello in English, but we never know how to say hello in Quechua. We can always write hello in English, but we can never write hello in Wayuunaiki. And we always know the meaning of English, but we never know the meaning of Quechua, Wayuunaiki and Spanish.

However, it is NOT mandatory to experience a head-on collision on the fast road, in order to feel injured and dying in our own life. Amnesia that erases all memories of the soul is likely the best response to a memorable state of guilt. And perhaps formatting the hard drive of our personal computer is the first step to reconnect with the sad lobular reality.

Thanks to the evolution of Science, we know that the left cerebral hemisphere is in charge of controlling the functions of language, writing, numbering and rational logic. While the right brain hemisphere, is responsible for projecting feelings, emotions, creativity and artistic expressions.

Thanks to the involution of Consciousness, we know that the left cerebral hemisphere is in charge of buying, selling and mortgaging the natural resources of the Earth, with an impeccable signature on the stock market. While the right brain hemisphere is responsible for smiling, applauding and photographing the signing of the juicy contract, which the businessmen will capitalize in the forest.

Both hemispheres prove apathetic, ambidextrous, and illiterate when it comes to reflecting on the social, cultural, and ecological crisis of the 21st century.

Unfortunately, the omnipotent System that eats away at every millisecond, was eating away the last neurons of the second hand, and although you DO NOT want to behave like a perfect idiot anymore, the System forces you to behave like a perfect idiot.

The System does not care about taking over your money, because it is interested in taking over your discernment, to easily obtain your precious money. Once the airhead is enslaved, the System turns you into an object of mass consumption, a retail merchandise, and a clearance label.

The System is much more intelligent than an octopus, so its infinite tentacles of action and reaction, can make you panties in the middle of your honeymoon, can turn the American dream into a great nightmare, and can give you the disease of mediocrity.

We wonder, what is the supposed system that forces you to sacrifice poor intellect? What does the System gain by enslaving your lifestyle? Who or who are to blame for imposing ourselves on the System?

Perhaps it is the fault of the Environment, perhaps it is the fault of the Society, or it is probably the fault of Football. It might be Jesus Christ's fault, it might be Mickey Mouse's fault, or it might be Hitler's fault. We could also blame Mother Earth, we could blame the Milky Way, and we could blame the Universe itself.

The System is a cancer that buys, corrupts and decomposes Humanity. It is like the devil who dresses as a saint, and gives lessons in ethics and morals to his dear neighbor. Everyone knows that the saint is really the devil, but no one denies it because he looks great, because he says what people want to hear, and because he is very generous with his people.

We always pretend to be the kings of the boxing ring, and the blame must always fall and fall into the hands of the adversaries. When we win in life, the fault is all ours. The ego never shares the victory, because we raise our arms to luck, and all the credit for the film goes to our first and last names.

But when we lose in life, the huge blame is disputed by the governments of the day, corrupt politicians, cheating lotteries, envious relatives, gossipy neighbors, work colleagues, grumpy teachers, trade thieves, animals wild and supreme deities.

Something or someone always takes the scream, the offense, the evil eye, the shove, the bruise, the bullet, the blood, and the ashes of all our problems. We allow the external to define our interior, and in that space and time there is always room for fashion, indifference, betrayal, violence, frivolity and greed.

In the national and foreign media, anti-values, negativity, and putrefaction of the almighty capitalist system are exalted.

We see that in order to tame and dominate the masses, a tempting orgy of consumerism, sexism and propagandism is being amassed, broadcast 24 hours a day on television, on the radio, in the press, on the Internet and in the paved roads.

Viewers, radio listeners, readers, netizens and citizens are forced to sanctify the pornography of the spectacular circus show, by buying and selling all the products and services, which are marketed with a long-standing advertising arsenal, which includes the misinformation of morbid, adultery, divorce, early pregnancy and abortion.

In the blink of an eye, the audience becomes addicted to sex, drugs and racism, to be complicit in the simple, the stupid and the infamous.

The famous social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp, are maximizing the sheepishness of the fools, since users need a fictitious sense of belonging, so as not to feel rejected and isolated from the virtual community, so they will hate everything the world Hate, and they will love what everyone loves.

Because these young fools represent popularity, the System celebrates their nonsense and considers them sacred sheep, to continue to idiot the rest of the herd.

Let's not forget that we are unstable and weak by nature, so anyone can plant popcorn in our brains. As the seeds of mental cultivation sprout, we increase the price and value of all the tasty popcorn, seeking that our thoughts enrich the fertile land, and thus we can sell our spirituality to the relativity of facts.

I threw a lot of garbage on the street, because I was very hungry. I turned on the air conditioning for many hours, because it was very hot. I wasted a thousand liters of drinking water, because I was very thirsty for revenge. I murdered in cold blood, because God forgives everything.

Now, when we refer to environmental pollution, we generally expose a series of ecological damages suffered by planet Earth, due to the abusive fingers, the industrialized hands, and the destructive arms of the inhuman Human Beings.

If we flip the coin and inhale the carbon dioxide, we will yell Bingo! with air pollution.

If we flip the coin and burn the topsoil, we'll yell Bingo! with soil contamination.

If we flip the coin and poison the rivers, we'll yell Bingo! with water pollution.

If we flip the coin and amplify the broken glass, we'll yell Bingo! with noise pollution.

If we flip the coin and dazzle the night sky, we will yell Bingo! with light pollution.

If we flip the coin and strip the beautiful beer, we'll yell Bingo! with visual pollution.

If we flip the coin and saturate the wireless networks, we will yell Bingo! with electromagnetic pollution.

If we flip the coin and drink the acid rain, we'll yell Bingo! with radioactive contamination.

If we flip the coin and the coin doesn't take flight, we'll yell Bingo! with space pollution.

Despite the fact that we recognized so many sources of pollution, we believe that the environmental crisis originates, is growing and intensifying, with a type of pollution that does NOT focus the attention of the communities, escaping from the sharp line of time, and evading the reality of the free will.

Behind the well-known environmental pollution, the great Mental Pollution is hidden, which is the mother of all contaminations on planet Earth, representing the true starting point towards planetary self-destruction, and positioning itself as the historical cognitive obstacle that has prevailed throughout civilizations.

Most Human Beings do not recycle solid waste, do not practice energy efficiency, and do not reduce the consumption of drinking water, because they are ecologically blocked due to a terrible mental pollution, which makes them apathetic, disposable and unfair. , in the care that ecosystems and the biosphere deserve.

Millions of hearts worldwide, suffer the physical and psychological consequences of the atrocious Mental Pollution. Individuals of all ages are affected by the presence of stress, migraines, anxiety, hyperactivity, insomnia, depression, frustration, gastritis, and many more disorders diagnosed by the healthy System.

Mental Pollution infects the perverse hearts full of chips, apps and tags, which never have a megabyte available to install Environmental Education in their brains, and thus download a conservationist vision of a World that is falling apart, because not even them Computer viruses are as harmful to Pachamama as the tragic ecocides caused by men and women of flesh and blood.

We accept and applaud the criminal deforestation, the gigantic oil spills, the extinction of biodiversity, the burning of fossil fuels, the use of pesticides, the mining megaprojects and the demonic hydraulic fracture, because we DO NOT understand the meaning and significance of the great manuscript. Voynich.

We deny the existence of Global Warming, because we never unplug the freezer from the electrical outlet. We deny the existence of the Greenhouse Effect, because we hibernate during the four seasons of the year. And we deny the existence of Climate Change, because we are unable to observe the rays of the Sun.

We don't want to investigate, we can't reconsider, and we don't want to survive.

Our socio-environmental ignorance that reinforces cultural uprooting, only thinks of wearing a lot more fashion clothes, eating meat in fast food restaurants, printing the Bible with three tons of sheets of paper, driving the latest model car through the jungle paved, in eating transgenic corn to cure drunkenness, in tune in to international sports channels, in baptizing more spawn fertilized by Uncle Sam, and in continuing to overpopulate the dark nest of misery.

The aggressive process of Transculturation that we are currently undergoing, was stealing the most holy sacrament of the sacred heart. The most faithful devotees of Mother Earth were crying in pain without strength, without electricity, without water, without gas, without a roof, without food, without love and without dreams.

The popcorn beat the neurons, and the System burgers demand a new mobile phone, a new tablet, a new laptop, a new game console, a new TV, a new slot machine, a new holographic tree, a new piracy download, and a new android for the artillery of war.

We are all mentally contaminated, and the System never tires of trampling our skulls with its masterful fatality. Thus we will continue to carry the cross until the end of time, except that for a second of life, you stop to think for a second about your life.

Thinking is not just a whim of the gods, you can also wake up from the sinister mental lethargy, and become infatuated with a much more responsible, sustainable and sustainable life.

Instead of buying the damn new iPhone, you can donate that money to a foundation that rescues dogs and cats from the streets. Instead of buying the damn new Galaxy, you can donate that money to institutions that help the disabled homeless. Instead of smoking a damn new cigarette, you can donate that money to an association that literates the most underprivileged.

Imagine what the world would be like if we were a little more empathetic. Imagine what Latin America would be like, if we were a little more supportive. Imagine what Life would be like if we were a little more altruistic.

If you can no longer imagine, the System won the casino bet. If you can't pray anymore, the System stabbed you in the back. If you can no longer believe, you are the System.

We ask for a greater commitment to the well-being of the Environment, a greater concern for the future of Gaia, and a greater interest in sharing the saving grace of mercy.

Let's not let evil win over rationality. Today is a good day to do the right thing, without taking any risks. If you help from the heart, you will feel better, and you will make other brothers feel even better.


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