Gorilla adopts baby kittens, because it cannot have young.

Gorilla adopts baby kittens, because it cannot have young.

Once recovered, Penny asked permission to continue in contact with Koko for psychological research purposes.

Throughout their relationship, Penny taught Koko to communicate using sign language.

And he always read children's books to the gorilla, especially those that had other animals starring.

When Koko grew into an adult gorilla, she indicated to Penny that she wanted to be a mother to a kitten, like the ones in her books.

And it was there that he adopted "All Ball", his first feline son. Sadly "All Ball" passed away, and Koko cried and pointed to "sleeping cat", to indicate that she knew her cat would never wake up again.

But she got a tremendous surprise last year for her birthday. Penny and her team gave her a box of baby kittens and told her she could choose two to adopt.

Koko pointed to the word "cat" and the word "baby"; also the words "put on the head"

Koko always wanted to have a baby, and now she has two adorable feline children!

And it's a happy gorilla!

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