Thirsty and a dry throat? Be careful what you consume

Thirsty and a dry throat? Be careful what you consume

You are thirsty and your throat is dry. His hand grips the ice-cold can from which refreshing droplets of water slide.

Remove the ring and "pshhhh" ... done. It is so good! Nevertheless…

About ten minutes later Now that you have emptied the can, you should know that you have ingested the equivalent of 10 sugar cubes! At first you should vomit in disgust, but the phosphoric acid in this fizzy drink masks the sugar with a sour taste, which creates a satiating illusion.

After about twenty minutes your blood sugar level rises dramatically and puts your body to the test. The pancreas is packed and secretes insulin en masse. Despite everything, insulin is vital for the body and it alone is capable of transforming the incredible excess of sugar in the blood into fat, which the body will tolerate better. Indeed, it can store fat in the form of uncomfortable love handles, harmless if they are temporary, while glucose is a deadly poison when in high doses in the blood. The liver is the only one capable of storing glucose, but its capacity is very limited.

At thirty minutes, the body fully absorbs the large amount of caffeine in cola. It causes the pupils to dilate and the blood pressure to rise.

At that very moment, the sugar stores in the liver are saturated, causing the rejection of sugar in the blood.

At three quarters of an hour the body begins to produce more dopamine. It is a hormone that stimulates the "pleasure center" in the brain. Heroin has the same effect.

This is not the only similarity that sugar and drugs share. Sugar can also lead to dependence, to the point that a study has shown that sugar is more addictive than cocaine. It is no accident that the "addict" who is about to drink his cola is as nervous as a drug addict.

An hour later Now there is a drop in blood sugar (hypoglycemia) and energy, both physical and mental, plummets.

To avoid this chain of catastrophes, when it comes to quenching your thirst, the only true solution is to drink water.

I am not a plant! It is difficult to start drinking water when one has been used to ingesting sugary or compound drinks for years (coffee, tea, wine, beer…). You think you won't be able to settle for the insipid taste of water. Joking expressions like "I'm not a plant!" or "The water is for the fish!" while whoever says them puts a soda into their body.

In reality, evil goes beyond a simple matter of taste. The people who resist drinking water are almost always the ones who really aren't thirsty. And if they are not thirsty, it is because they do not exercise.

When you really perspire, whether at work or playing sports, drinking water becomes not only a necessity, but a real pleasure.

My mother enrolled my brother and me in a judo club. We were forty kids in a municipal room of 30 square meters illuminated with neon lights, surrounded by tatami mats and which was only ventilated through small windows. After an intense warm-up in which we had to jump, run and do series of push-ups and sit-ups, the coach made us face each other in standing and ground fights, to finish (it was the best moment!) With a great fight of "Caballitos" in which we rode on the back of a partner and had to shoot the rest.

At the end of training, red-faced and sweating, we ran to the changing rooms where the taps were located, in the sinks next to the urinals. Warm water was coming out, but at the time it looked so good to us! The smell of the latrines did not stop us all filling our stomachs with that delicacy. Those who were in a hurry drank directly from the tap, while the rest, more civilized, formed a bowl with their hands and drank the precious liquid with hardly any breath. I don't want to think about the amount of germs we caught during this operation.

I don't remember having a better drink than the water from our club.

Why stop drinking soda? Think about it. After exerting yourself, you may feel like drinking a cold soda or beer, but you will find that these drinks do not offer as intense satisfaction as that provided by water. Water is a supreme pleasure when you're really thirsty, just like when you're hungry, for example, during a long walk in the mountains, the salchichón sandwich that we carry in our backpack will seem like the best in the world, although, once at home and resumed the usual rhythm, we do not pay the slightest attention.

In addition, drinking water will reduce the consumption of the rest of harmful substances found in carbonated drinks, starting with:

Phosphoric acid, which interferes with calcium metabolism and causes osteoporosis and a weakening of teeth and bones.

Sugar, a key factor in diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic inflammation, osteoarthritis and cancer.

Aspartame, of which there are more than 92 side effects related to its consumption, such as brain tumors, epilepsy, emotional fragility or diabetes.

Caffeine, which causes tremors, insomnia, headaches, hypertension, demineralization and loss of vitamins.

And that's not to mention the acidity of the cola, which is disastrous for the teeth. Have you noticed that your teeth are rough after drinking a cola? It is even more acidic than lemon juice. So much so that it could be used to clean metal coins (try putting a dirty 50 cent coin in a glass with a cola for half an hour). Tooth enamel becomes porous and turns yellowish-gray if you drink frequently.

With all the above list of disasters, it seems unnecessary to talk about the effects on obesity: the consumption of soft drinks, especially in children, increases the risk by 60%. There is no good reason to give your children carbonated drinks, unless you want them to:

: increase the risk of diabetes.

. increase the risk of cancer.

. create a dependency on sugar.

If you want good advice, both for your health and for your finances, take note of this: do not let any sugary drink enter your door.

Drink water again. Start the day with a good glass, even before breakfast. It will make a great gift to your kidneys, which work so hard all day to clean the blood. They will be healthier, cleaner, and you will feel fitter.

Cheers! Juan-M. Dupuis

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