Pizza, the ‘saddest polar bear in the world’, lives in a shopping center in China

Pizza, the ‘saddest polar bear in the world’, lives in a shopping center in China

Pizza is a polar bear who lives in a place that for the animal protection organizations "AnimalsAsia" and "Peta" is the "saddest zoo in the world", and therefore he is the saddest polar bear of all. To get it out of there, they have started a campaign to collect signatures through and to ask for the closure of the place that also exhibits arctic wolves, whales, walruses and other animals to attract tourists and has already added more 400 thousand people to the cause.

Pizza is one of the main attractions of the "Grandview" zoo located inside a shopping mall in the Chinese city of Guangzhou, a place that opened last January and has already received dozens of complaints for animal abuse. In the case of the polar bear, it lives in a small place and is constantly exposed to the visit of tourists who hit the glass to get its attention, while some videos see him beating the glass as "asking to leave."

Stuck in the middle of a shopping mall

David Neale, Director of AnimalsAsia, assured that the place where Pizza lives “is an animal prison” and added “capturing animals and exhibiting them in a zoo is, for us, indefensible. But when they also suffer from the conditions we see in Grandview… it's the worst possible situation. "

In that sense, he explained through a statement that “Pizza is trapped in the middle of a shopping mall, with no place to hide from the flashes of the cameras. He keeps hitting the glass and screaming ”.

And he urged the Chinese public and tourists "not to attend that zoo", while asking the authorities to close the place.

For his part, the deputy director of the aquarium, Li Chengtng said before the accusations that the animal "is happy" in that place, and assured that the zoo has "scientific" purposes


Video: Worlds Saddest Polar Bear (September 2021).