Laugh out loud! 8 things you didn't know about laughter

Laugh out loud! 8 things you didn't know about laughter

By Victoria Gonzalez

It's universal and we do it before we even start talking. Laughing is one of the best medicines and science supports it, since when we laugh, the reward circuits of the brain are activated and chemicals responsible for our happiness are released. We encourage you to continue reading this article… it will put you in a good mood!

Laughter has the same effect as meditating

A study carried out by American researchers showed that laughter stimulates alpha-type brain waves, which are the same as those produced when we meditate and when we sleep.

Alleviate the pain

Due precisely to the fact that laughter causes the release of endorphins, doing this healthy activity can help us feel less pain, as demonstrated by research from the University of Oxford.

Humor improves your memory

A study revealed that it costs us much less to remember information that we find funny, and that these memories are better consolidated in the brain even after a long period of time has passed. The results reinforce the idea that the best way to learn is undoubtedly having fun with the subject matter.

Women enjoy laughter more

According to Antonio Rial in his book "Rethinking the brain", neuroimaging studies have shown that brain regions involved in language processing and working memory are activated with greater intensity when they listen to or read something funny.

It's good for circulation

While when we watch a stressful movie our blood vessels contract, the effect is the opposite if the film in question is a comedy: the vessels dilate and the flow of blood and oxygen to our entire body increases, according to a study carried out by researchers from the University of Maryland.

Makes us happier

Who was before, the chicken or the egg? Do we smile because we are happy or are we happy because we smile? Without the intention of entering into philosophical debates, it seems that science corroborates the second option: the mere fact of smiling, even if we have not seen or heard anything funny, lowers our levels of stress, fear and anxiety, makes us more communicative and willing to cooperate , reduces the risk of suffering from depression ... in short, it is a big push on our path to happiness.

Watch out! Don't literally die laughing

It is not usual, but some cases have occurred of people with dead heart conditions after a fit of laughter. Food is another inadvisable time to laugh out loud: the valve that connects our esophagus with the trachea can become uncoordinated and cause choking.

Laughing lengthens life

As long as nothing of the aforementioned happens to us, it seems that people prone to laughter have 40% fewer cardiovascular problems, according to specialists from the Spanish Society of Neurology, which allows them to live an average of four years and a half more.