An impressive sustainable dome that rotates to take advantage of sunlight

An impressive sustainable dome that rotates to take advantage of sunlight

Located 130 km from New York City, the dome looks like a spaceship that has landed in the middle of an 11-hectare forest. The project received the name of Domespace and corresponds to the designer Patrick Marsilli. ? It is undoubtedly nature that has made me aware of these soft, spherical shapes. You just have to look at the shells, seeds, burrows, nests… It's a totally curved universe !?, he explains when asked about the origin of the idea of ​​building round houses.

The main peculiarity of this dome is that it can be rotated 360 ° on its axis with the push of a button. Thus, the inhabitants can make the most of sunlight and shade. Thanks to this characteristic and the huge curved windows that the house has, the need to resort to artificial light is significantly reduced. Even on cloudy days and in the hours with less natural light, the house can remain illuminated. Also, this function makes it possible to change what the landscape looks like.

Due to the selection of sustainable and chemical-free woods, its excellent insulation and its ability to rotate, which makes it possible to control the ambient temperature, the environmental footprint of Dome Space is unique in the industry ,? the creators highlight on their website.

Among the organic materials selected for construction are cedar, bamboo and limestone. All the chosen woods are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). It accounts for a sustainable management of forests.

As explained on the Domespace website, tests carried out on the building showed that it has the ability to withstand an earthquake of up to eight points on the Richter scale without suffering significant damage. This is because the round shape is very solid. The flexibility of wood and the high strength of arched beams also make collapse more difficult.

The wood paneled walls arch upward and meet in the center of the 12-meter ceiling. On the lower floor, there is a large area that functions as a kitchen, living room and dining room. A spiral staircase leads to the top, where an office, a library and the bedrooms are located. Its total area is 214 m2. Despite having curved walls, it is not difficult to furnish it. In addition, since it has very few internal walls, there is ample space to use.

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