The program ¨Escuelas Verdes¨ teaches children to grow their food

The program ¨Escuelas Verdes¨ teaches children to grow their food

Students from a primary school in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Lugano presented a wide variety of vegetables and aromatic plants that they planted, cared for and harvested themselves in the garden they have maintained for two years and in which more recently they grow hydroponics.

"It is much better than planting in substrate because you do not occupy so much space", said John Castello, a seventh grade student, to extol the advantages of this type of crop over the traditional one. He also explained that "this way of cultivating makes the vegetables grow much faster and of better quality. "

In 2014, the Latin American Brothers institution, located in Pola 4250, which was already part of the Green Schools program, tried with the help of two grade level teachers to start a garden in part of the property that was not used. But "it was hard and polluted soil, so we couldn't get anything to grow," explained Eliana Frontini, one of the teachers in charge. So they started with drawers and dirt that the teachers themselves carried.

"In 2015, with the subfloor made, they brought us the first tables for this type of crops and since then the garden has not stopped growing," Frontini said. "The commitment, work and responsibility that the boys have with the garden is incredible," he said. According to the testimony of the students, this type of teaching encouraged them to change the diet they ate, many discovered vegetables or aromatic plants that they did not know existed.

During the presentation of the hydroponic garden, the Head of Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, and the Minister of Education of the City, Soledad Acuña, were present, who received gift seedlings and toured the facilities.

Acuña affirmed that in the Green Schools program the boys learn about sustainability and healthy eating. The hydroponic system allows to grow food without the need to use soil, free of pesticides and agrochemicals. The harvested vegetables are distributed among the students and the boys also prepare seedlings to take home.

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