Do medical marijuana treatments apply to animals too?

Do medical marijuana treatments apply to animals too?

By Alexandra Spuhr

The use of marijuana for medicinal purposes is an option that many people consider, especially those who suffer from chronic pain, diseases such as cancer or to calm the symptoms of refractory epilepsy.

Until now, we have heard of these alternative treatments in humans, but can they be applicable in animals?

In the state of Colorado, the United States, people can use marijuana legally, but lately controversy has arisen over its toxicity in pets.

In a statement, Agencia EFE exposes the issue and talks about the increase registered by Colorado veterinarians in the cases of poisoning of animals that ingest cannabis.

With greater availability, dogs, cats and other animals are at risk of being exposed. As El Mostrador cites, Lauren Gladu, spokesperson for the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association, stated on the situation:

Now that marijuana is offered in edible form, dogs are more likely to be exposed. Chocolate marijuana cookies are especially dangerous, because chocolate is also toxic to dogs.

But the issue does not stop there. The Colorado Cannabis Chamber of Commerce continues to promote the idea of ​​popularizing the sale of marijuana products to give to pets, and that has also opened the debate about how dangerous it can be for animals to consume this substance.

The postures are diverse, but veterinarians warn that the ingestion in animals can cause problems as serious as symptoms similar to those of cases of brain tumors.

In fact, it is argued that if the situation continues, pet owners could be charged with negligence, and an animal cruelty charge considered.

On the other hand, the Sensi Seeds portal exposes cases compiled by The Huffington Post, in which the use of marijuana in controlled doses has helped some animals to improve from specific problems.

They tell the story of Laura, a Montana woman who gives medical cannabis to her sick old bulldog Rabito. After the dog spent 2 years without doing much more than sleeping and vomiting, at the age of 12 he is up and running again like a puppy.

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