Chileans in Haiti teach how to build gardens for subsistence crops

Chileans in Haiti teach how to build gardens for subsistence crops

More than 120 people and 19 families already see the direct fruits of the project "Community family gardens as a means of food security for the Source Jean Jacques community", led by the Industrial Civil Engineer from the University of Chile, Trinidad Cádiz and other Chileans at through the La Casa del Señor Foundation.

The project that has the support of the Chile Fund Against Hunger and Poverty, a joint initiative of the Government of Chile represented by the Chilean Agency for International Development Cooperation (AGCID) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP Chile ), is located in the rural sector to the south of the city of Aquin, in the village there are about 500 families whose members are mainly children, all of them with very low levels of literacy.

The initiative addresses four areas of work that include recovering and maintaining the water supply from a spring to an accumulation tank; the establishment of rainwater management systems, for domestic use and for management measures that make it possible to reduce the destructive effects of surface water that runs through eroded lands; the drilling of new water wells; carrying out a series of steps whose final objective is to provide the inhabitants of the community with the resources and knowledge to create and maintain family gardens.

According to what Trinidad Cádiz indicates, "the orchards will provide the inhabitants with fruits of high nutritional value to complement a very poor diet and eventually become a source of income for the family."

Experienced agronomists participated in the preparation of the home gardens, who evaluated the land and trained and supported the beneficiaries on the spot to select the varieties to plant, prepare the soil, compost, build the nursery tables, and install the demarcation fences. , among other activities.

“Another 39 families have started preparing compost at home, the first step in a process that continues with the selection of the seeds they want to plant in their nursery and the germination of their seedlings, to culminate with the fencing and preparation of the land from their garden and transplanting from their seedlings ”, comments Cádiz.

The support provided by the La Casa del Señor Foundation ends next November and “the perception of community leaders is that their life has changed. They have plenty of water, vegetables in their house and they see that other people want to come to live at Source Jean Jacques, even the value of the land has begun to rise ”, concludes the expert.

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