Giant hands to draw attention to climate change in Venice

Giant hands to draw attention to climate change in Venice

The planet needs the efforts of all of us to stop the serious effects of climate change, no matter what field they come from or what type of manifestation they are. Art also has something very important to say in this regard.

The Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn has attracted attention with his recent intervention "The Force of Nature" premiered these days in Venice, Italy. It is a pair of giant hands trying to support the facade of the Ca ’Sagredo hotel.

The sculpture attempts to draw attention to the severe effects of climate change around the planet, which are already evident in Venice. It also shows the power of people to counteract this climate phenomenon and the consequences it can have on the world if we do not act soon.

"Thank you for the support in Venice to allow this marvel of a city that is threatened by climate change to present my work. I hope that my art brings a new focus of attention to a global calamity we are facing," said the artist during the inauguration of his work.

From another point of view, the sculpture can be interpreted as a covered person after the rise in water level as a result of global warming, desperate, asking for help, a metaphor for the current moment of our society.

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