Around the world, hundreds of thousands of students go on strike to demand climate action

Around the world, hundreds of thousands of students go on strike to demand climate action

It is Friday, March 15, and hundreds of thousands of students are expected to leave school to protest the inaction of world leaders on climate change. Young climate activists around the world have been anticipating this day as Christmas without consumerism. Inspired by the newly named Nobel Peace Prize nominee Greta Thunberg, Gen-Zers are coming together to send adults a clear message: They must take our future seriously.

"Hurricane Harvey devastated our city," said Shania Hurtado, 16, who lives in Houston, Texas. “It was a time when my family and friends were in a state of fear. It was terrible. This is really why I am hitting. That is why I am organizing the strike. It is something that affects me personally and we have the power to prevent and we must do something about it. "

Kumi Naidoo, Amnesty International's Secretary General, said: "It is unfortunate that children have to sacrifice learning days in school to demand that adults do the right thing." Yet they know the consequences of the current shameful inaction both for themselves and for future generations. This should be a moment for self-reflection for our political class. "

Here are some general guidelines:

  1. Fridays for the future want you to only hit in a way that you feel safe.
  2. Many Fridays for the strikers of the future they have a police approval for their strike.
  3. It's common for these approvals to only allow for a quiet, seated protest.
  4. Fridays in the future are unlikely to provide legal support if there are problems, so the FFF advises strikers to contact local NGOs. These NGOs often meet local lawyers, who are well versed in protest situations.
  5. We are a peaceful and silent organization, but unfortunately we have already seen examples in some countries, where some people or organizations try to join a strike with the purpose of causing trouble. Please take care and prioritize your own safety.

FridayFutureWhat is Friday for the future?

FridaysforFuture is a popular movement following @GretaThunberg's call for the school strike.

Why are the children hitting?

School children must attend school. But with the worsening of the Weather Destruction, this goal of going to school becomes useless.

  • Why study for a future, which may not be there?
  • Why spend a lot of effort to educate us, when our governments are not listening to the educated?
    The basics of how / when / where to hit.
    Greta requests that people knock in front of her nearest town hall, every Friday. With a sign, take a photo and post it with the hashtags.

How can supporters support?

If you post your work with the hashtag #FridaysForFuture and #ClimateStrike, we can find and share it.

About Fridays for the Future

Video: Students around the world go on climate strike (September 2021).