Life on Earth is in the hands of a few humans

Life on Earth is in the hands of a few humans

After hundreds of years of trying, the human being has managed to achieve a good part of his objectives, those that were born of his intrinsic desire for power. Have the power to decide on the course of life on Earth.

We dominate fire, we change waterways, we dominate food production, we subdue every living being, animal or vegetable at our whim. We invented weapons, the wheel, and gunpowder. The ships allowed us to go further and the planes faster. We celebrate each invention as our own achievement, as something that would benefit us, but many times we confuse the reasons, the objectives, we did not know how to see how it would be used.

We spread like a plague across the globe. And little by little, life on Earth was left in our hands. We managed to decide at our whim the place that each species would occupy in what is now Our Planet, that is what we began to call it.

If a species bothered us, we extinguished it, locked it in zoos, or reduced it to its lowest possible expression. The one that served us, we made it reproduce until the unimaginable.

We wanted to control everything. All.

But the plan, like any plan, had its flaws. Virtually every living being that inhabits this planet is at our mercy, as in the ancient Roman circuses, we just have to lower or raise our thumb.

The problem is in the hands of who we humans are. To whom we are delegating the power to make decisions that affect all living beings and even those that have not yet been born.

A democratic system, government of the people, has been established in most countries. But little and nothing is what we really decide. Those who do not realize it protest, are outraged, feel cheated by unfulfilled promises. Of those who do, some are hopeless, without strength, without expectations, as if defeated. Others still have expectations, illusions, dreams and strength to continue fighting for existence, in a wounded world.

We know that we have done and invented terrible things, that death is in our hands, but also life. We are convinced that a better world for everyone is possible and that it depends on us to achieve it.

Ricardo Natalichio

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