First hospital for abused elephants

First hospital for abused elephants

India's Abused Elephant Hospital is a sanctuary with specialized care for their recovery process.

Many are unaware of this hospital that opened its facilities at the end of 2018 in the holy city of Mathura, for elephants who were mistreated and abused. In just its first 5 months of creation, it cared for more than 26 specimens that arrived blind, beggars or with injuries to their bodies.

Elephant, sacred animal

Although in India this animal is considered sacred, it is estimated that there are at least 25,000 elephants in the wild in India and about 3,500 in captivity. But in the name of religion, many animals are forced to stay for hours in front of temples in poor conditions to impress people and receive a blessing for a coin.

Many other animals are victims of circuses, subjected to walking tourists and carrying out cargo work. Animals suffer physical and psychological abuse that causes serious consequences.


The hospital provides outpatient care when the cases are not so serious and also hospitalization for those with chronic diseases.

The space is spacious, fully adapted to elephants. It has X-rays, ultrasound machines and observation rooms.

They are given special food and can freely walk around the place.

In addition to providing health care, the treatment center coordinated by Wildlife SOS, functions as a research space in order to provide information for conservation policies.

Once the animals are recovered, they are sent to different sanctuaries so that they can continue a happy and healthy life.

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Video: Lampang Elephant Hospital (September 2021).