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7 steps to get all the nEGAtiVe energy out of your home

7 steps to get all the nEGAtiVe energy out of your home

Our home should be our refuge, the place where we feel free and relaxed, where we can relieve the stresses of our day to day life. But many times with so many problems the environment becomes tense and instead of being what it should be for us, a refuge becomes a stressful and unpleasant place.

Anger, frustration, anguish or confusion are part of the "bad vibes" or Energy negative and when people go through these states we leave that energy footprint where we circulate. It happens in the same way, when we experience emotions positive and, just as the positive attitude improves and enhances the spaces in which we live, negativity is dirtying them.

Many times the best way to change this situation is to make an internal change, a deep reflection on our life, our relationships, and everything that surrounds us.

In addition to that internal work, we can implement certain tips that will help dispel those bad energies that flood our home, producing positive reactions for the inhabitants of it, as well as for those who visit us.

If you suddenly notice certain changes not at all positive, constant mood swings, fights, if you do not feel comfortable in your own home, it means that it is time to act.

How to maintain energy cleaning

1 Air and Sun

Open all the windows, let the toxic energies come out and the positives come in, let in light, fresh air, if it rains it is ideal !!!! During the summer, keep ventilating your home for a long time; in winter, even during the “cleaning” process and then it will close.

2 Throw away what you don't use

Connoisseurs of the subject affirm that it is not good to accumulate things and less if you already use them. This, in addition to helping to improve the energy in your home, will make you have a more orderly and pleasant home.

3 Purification

If you have inherited furniture or something else it would be good to perform a cleaning ritual, these objects could bring negative energies with them from where they come from. Use incense, for example, incense to clean environments, purify. There are several more scents that have specific functions for each particular situation. Attract work, love, absorb and transmute negative energy into positive.

4 When you clean, display

Begin to clean your home, in a conscious way, that is, with each sweep of the broom, you visualize the negative energy sweeping out.

5 Plants and cactus

Indoor plants are equally beneficial in promoting peace in the home. The cacti will serve to repel bad energies, place them near windows, but always outside.

6 Music is vibration

Another and very good option is to listen to relaxing music in your home, this will balance your mind and drive away any negativity.

7 You are part

After you have finished cleaning, imagine that a bubble covers your entire home, protecting it from all the ugly, negative and isolating it. Visualize that within that bubble everything will be calm and in harmony.

There are those who say that when there is a Waning Moon it is a good time to do household cleaning.

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