Innovative packaging that avoids the use of plastics in a supermarket

Innovative packaging that avoids the use of plastics in a supermarket

Supermarkets are characterized by the excess of plastic wrappers and containers, we get used to seeing even fruits and vegetables, wrapped in film, in trays, with the appearance of just another plastic.

The proposal of the Thai supermarket Rimping totally changes the image of fruit and vegetable marketing with a more aesthetic and environmentally friendly packaging.

We know that plastic is one of the greatest evils that is happening to the planet, tons and tons daily end up in the oceans, generating immense islands of garbage. Alternative measures are urgent, which is why the initiative for this new packaging has generated great approval.

The novelty of the material

The novel material for wrapping is banana leaf, a biodegradable material that perfectly replaces the function of plastic wrap.

There are other proposals in supermarkets such as New Zealand that presented the food 'naked', that is, without any type of packaging or bag. A good idea but for some unhygienic and that can damage the preservation of the fruit or vegetables.

Although the initiative was widely accepted, it is not yet a high-impact solution for the eradication of plastics in supermarkets… but it is a step.

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