On April 22, Mother Earth Day is celebrated

On April 22, Mother Earth Day is celebrated

Since 1970, Earth Day has become a global tradition. This date invites us to think if we are listening to the desperate request of the planet.

Every April 22, Earth Day is celebrated around the world with the aim of remembering the importance of our planet as the home of all living things. It shouldn't be necessary as we would have to take care of her every day. However, since this is not the case, a date to celebrate it and remember its infinite value.

"Mother Earth" is a common expression used to refer to planet Earth in various parts of the world, demonstrating the interdependence between human beings, species and the planet we inhabit.

The Earth and its ecosystems are our home. They supply life, food and wisdom to all beings. Therefore, it is necessary to promote harmony and respect for each living being in order to maintain a balance in the ecosystem.

Why is it celebrated on April 22?

According to the UN, “We celebrate the International Day of Mother Earth with the aim of remembering that the planet and its ecosystems give us life and sustenance. With this day, we also assume the collective responsibility, as the Rio Declaration of 1992 reminded us, of promoting this harmony with nature and Mother Earth. "

Earth Day has its roots in 1960, when people began to demonstrate in the United States for pollution in different cities. But despite popular disenchantment at the time, ecological issues were not on the agenda of American politicians, except for the senator from Wisconsin,Gaylord Nelson,who was already campaigning to take care of the planet, without any effect.

Tired of so much denial, in 1969 Nelson decided to organize a protest in favor of the environment. To do this, it chose the activist Denis Hayes as the main face and summoned thousands of universities, elementary schools, secondary schools and communities to participate in the request. As a result, On April 22, 1970, the first Earth Day was celebrated.

Thanks to the impact of the social claim, the US Executive created the Environmental Protection Agency (Environmental Protection Agency) and various environmental protection laws.

Two years after the first major protest, the first worldwide meeting took place:Stockholm Earth Summit. Since then, efforts to take care of planet earth have taken on more and more strength.

Climate change and its consequences on animals

Currently, climate change is one of the greatest threats that we are experiencing around the world, and recent events demonstrate it; strong hurricanes in the Caribbean, frequent and heavy rains in regions of Argentina and Brazil (for example, during the last summer, Rio de Janeiro had winds that reached 100 km / h), earthquakes in Mexico, among many other phenomena.

This leads us to ask ourselves what we are doing and how we are taking care of not only our lives, but also that of children. animals, who are losing more and more prey, habitat and family members as a result of global warming.

To stop this suffering, many global organizations, such as World Animal Protection, they take climate change and the protection of land and animals very seriously, that is why they encourage both people and governments to protect species. So much so that, thanks to its latest campaign against the illegal trafficking of exotic pets, the NGO succeeded in getting Turkish Airlines to leave traffic with African parrots.

In addition, the organization World Animal Protection, also intervened recently (still working in the area) attending to almost 21,000 animals in Malawi (Africa) after Cyclone Idai, another of the great natural disasters that planet Earth has just experienced. It is that during storms or floods, animals are at risk of contracting serious infections, such as carbuncles or Newcastle disease. In turn, exposure to rain and strong winds causes respiratory ailments, vomiting, diarrhea, injuries to the legs, or even death from malnutrition, which is why the NGO works assisting with natural disasters around the world for almost 35 years. For this, it has its own team, professionals previously prepared in each country, equipment and advice in order to act quickly and efficiently.

For this reason, World Animal Protection is also dedicated to rescuing and protecting animals after natural disasters, and not just as they unfold.

What can we do to contribute to the well-being of the Earth?

  • Recycle: Today, many cities in the world have large recycling centers. Take the trouble to separate your waste and recycle whatever you can. 10 minutes of your life, multiplied by all the inhabitants of the planet, has an unexpected effect.
  • Reuse everything you can. Customize your clothes, avoid fast fashion and become aware of the brands you consume.
  • Cut down on meat consumption and opt for brands that respect animal welfare practices.
  • Take care of your consumption in the cloud: we believe that all data is transferred through the air, but the information circulates through underground cables that feed massive data centers and large machines that transmit our searches, so we erase everything that you do not use, avoid unnecessary power consumption.
  • Turn off the light when you're not in the space and turn off the taps while you rinse the dishes. Turn it on just to wash the dishes.
  • When traveling, avoid taking excursions that damage the environment or subject animals to unnatural or invasive behaviors. Practice responsible tourism and watching.
  • Throw your papers and garbage in baskets: it sounds obvious, but unfortunately, many people continue to throw garbage on the ground, rivers or seas as if these were trash cans. Make your neighbors aware or if you see someone throwing their waste in places not indicated. Pass the message!

These are just a few ideas to generate a positive impact and begin to reverse the terrible consequences that we are generating on the planet. It is time for us to wake up and raise awareness for those who have not yet realized what human beings are doing!

Mother Earth provides us with everything we need, and now, she needs us. Let's not leave her alone in this fight.


Video: International Mother Earth Day - April 22th. (September 2021).