Cabins in the middle of nature to regain health

Cabins in the middle of nature to regain health

A new modality is being implemented in Norway, heal in contact with nature instead of cold hospitals.

Scottish doctors have already put into practice this new modality of “prescribing” a bit of nature to treat illnesses, recover from accidents, lower stress levels ... Norway now joins these cabins in the middle of nature as part of the treatment for your patients.

The cabins were built by the Oslo University Hospital and the Sørlandet Hospital, the two largest in the country in their surroundings, but due to their interior and exterior design, they offer the feeling of being in a retreat in the middle of nature.

There, patients can be alone or have visitors and, more importantly, recharge their batteries and regain health. The modality is inspired by the well-known Japanese “forest baths”.

The friluftssykehuset

It is the term with which these open-air hospitals are defined, it is built from the conceptfriluftsliv, which is used to express the importance that the Nordics give to nature, and which is literally translated as “life in the open air”. This peculiar concept was combined with the word for "hospital",sykehaus, forming the termfriluftssykehuset, or "open air hospital."

Language can change the world, as the philosopher Wittgenstein has already pointed out. This new concept awakened in Norwegians a greater awareness of the need to connect with nature as a habit of life so as not to be overwhelmed by large cities.

When it comes to health, few things are more harmful than being away from nature. The toxic air of cities and the stale environments of buildings are making us sick. Our daily work causes us unprecedented levels of stress and poor diet is destroying us from within.

This strategy of Norwegian medicine invites us to reflect and rethink a new concept of health and its approach. In this sense, open-air hospitals are a proposal that could - and should - be adopted around the world.

Because Norway is showing us the way. The question is: will we change our already worn paradigms to turn to a more natural reality?

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Video: Let Nature Heal You (September 2021).