Recycle gum to make sneakers

Recycle gum to make sneakers

One of the most surprising recycling ideas… sneakers made from used gum.

In Amsterdam, Holland, sports shoes made from chewing gum collected from the streets of the city began to be made.

It is incredible, but around 1.5 million kilos of gum per year are thrown on the streets of the country. Due to their composition, they take between 20 and 25 years to biodegrade, and taking care of cleaning them costs governments millions of euros.

The initiative to do something about this problem is part of the ‘I amsterdam’ and ‘GumDrop’ organizations, which began to install special containers to dispose of the gum and then recycle them with the idea of ​​manufacturing different products.

The ‘Explicit‘ brand joined this recycling project and together they created the first sneakers made with recycled gum from the street: the ‘GumShoes‘.

The soles of these shoes are made up of 20% recycled gum, in this way it helps to keep the streets of the country clean.

Other ideas

Jolande Penninks, founder of the Gumbudy organization, has invented and installed boards with the representation of a world map in different cities of Holland. There people can stick the gum and avoid dirtying the streets.

These chewing gums are also used to make the "Gumshoe" with the characteristic design of the Amsterdam map on the sole.

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