This circus uses holograms instead of animals

This circus uses holograms instead of animals

Some things are changing in zoos and circuses worldwide. Fortunately, the modality of having caged wild animals, in poor conditions, outside their natural habitat is going down in history.

The case of circuses has always been more cruel, since many animals are mistreated in order to receive training and they live going and coming from one place to another, which causes them great stress.

But in Germany the circus called Circus Roncalli is using new technologies so that its visitors can enjoy the vision of animals in full action but without any of them being damaged.

This circus is the first in the world that has replaced animals with realistic holograms. Computer animations are projected in real size and displayed spectacularly.

So you can see elephants, wild horses, monkeys and even fish running, swimming and doing acrobatics on stage.

The circus has been around for many years, but recently they decided to replace the animals with 11 strategically placed projectors, lasers and lenses to offer the show without a single animal being involved.

Thanks to technology, many animals will no longer be locked up living in sad captivity for the sole fact that humans want to have fun, now they can enjoy their virtual presence in this incredible way.

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