World Environment Day mask challenge

World Environment Day mask challenge

Starting May 22, 2019, join the fight against air pollution by taking part in the Mask Challenge. Show yourself on social media with your nose and mouth covered, help us raise awareness of the importance of a #AirPollution Free planet and challenge your friends to do their part.

Nine out of ten people breathe polluted air. Starting on May 24, and as part of the campaign, we will start using air masks as a creative symbol to show world leaders that we want to breathe clean air. Along with celebrities and artists, we invite you all to participate in the mask challenge.

Decide what actions you are going to take to combat air pollution.

Here are some examples:

  • Use public transport, carpool, cycle or walk.
  • Opt for a hybrid or electric vehicle, and order electric taxis.
  • Turn off the engine when you must stay inside the parked car.
  • Cut back on meat and dairy products to help reduce methane emissions.
  • Compost your organic food and recycle non-organic garbage.
  • Switch to high-efficiency heating systems and equipment for your home.
  • Save energy: turn off lights and electronic equipment when not in use.
  • Choose paints and furniture without toxic compounds.

Phase 1

From May 24 to June 4

  1. Post a picture or video of yourself wearing a mask or protection over your mouth and nose, and announce a commitment to a #AirPollution Free planet.
  2. Share on your social networks.
  3. Tag 3 people, companies or organizations and challenge them to do the same.
  4. Use the hashtags # WorldWorldEnvironmentDay and #NoAirPollution in your social media posts and don't forget to tag @onumedioambiente on Instagram or @ONUMedioAmb on Twitter.

Phase 2

World Environment Day, June 5

  1. Post an image or video fulfilling your commitment on World Environment Day.
  2. Encourage your friends to participate in World Environment Day events in their city or to create their own events!
  3. Remember to use the hashtag # DiaMundialDelMedioAmbiente and # SinContainaciónDelAir in your posts. Don't forget to tag @onumedioambiente on Instagram or @ONUMedioAmb on Twitter.

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