Adidas sells 6 million sneakers made from plastic recovered from the sea

Adidas sells 6 million sneakers made from plastic recovered from the sea

In 2015, the German multinational together with the environmental group Parley for the oceans, had the idea of ​​developing an innovative footwear. The news highlights that the marketing of the product was a success: more than 6 million sports shoes have already been sold.

Producing footwear made from plastic removed from the oceans was Adidas' big bet, transforming millions of improperly discarded plastic bottles into high-performance sneakers.

According to the experts, with 11 recycled bottles, it is possible to produce a pair of sports shoes, including in the construction of the piece, the lining of the heels, the layers of the lining of the socks and the external design.

In 2016 the German company made another great ecological contribution. It pledged to stop using plastic bags in its 2,900 retail stores around the world, with the goal of saving 70 million plastic bags a year, exchanging them for paper bags in its network of stores.

In 2017, about 5 million plastic bottles were used to produce 1 million eco-sneakers in three different versions, according to Adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted.

For his part, Eric Liedtke, member of the Adidas executive board, said in a press release: “After one million pairs of shoes produced in 2017, five million in 2018, we plan to produce eleven million pairs of shoes that contain plastics. of the oceans recycled in 2019. "

The footwear has a cost of up to 220 dollars per pair, but the consumption is very positive. Its lightweight, modern and durable design is highly valued. In addition, the brand was able to install in consumers, its concern about the growing increase in the amount of plastic in the oceans, with which, they are willing to pay a little more expensive to buy personalized and ecological products.

The company also produces shirts from recycled materials such as those worn by players in the Champions League, by clubs such as Bayern Munich in Germany or Manchester United in England.

Adidas plans to produce all its products with recycled plastic by 2020 which demonstrates an excellent initiative to help the ecosystem and for acceptance, also a great business.

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