Know how your pet thinks with this device

Know how your pet thinks with this device

Do you have a dog and would you like to know what he feels or what he thinks? With Inupathy it is possible, a 'wearable' that collects cardiac information from the animal and projects a light that indicates its emotional state, so that you can act accordingly and improve its quality of life.

Companion animals or pets are very important in the lives of many people. Dogs, cats, guinea pigs, birds are usually treated as one more member of the family.

Animals improve people's quality of life, either because they help with a problem, such as guide dogs, or because they have become one more member of the family, someone to love and with whom to share experiences.

Seeing your dog bark or fidgety can mean a thousand and one different things. We humans interpret it the best we can to know if something hurts, is hungry or needs to relieve itself, but it may happen that we do not hit the nail on the head by not understanding for sure what is in front of us. Inupathy can be a great help in all of these situations.

How does it work

He 'wearable* ’Is specifically intended for dogs and is the work of a Japanese engineer, Joji Yamaguchi. It is placed as if it were a harness on the animal's body and incorporates two key points for the technology to work, both for the animal and for the owner: a heart rate sensor that measures the pet's heartbeat and an LED light that indicates to the person, by means of a code of lights associated with the heartbeat, how the dog is.

The light code is simple and, for the moment, it varies between four colors: if the light is red, the animal is exalted; if it is blue, it is because it is relaxed; if it's white, the dog is concentrating, and lastly, if it's rainbow, the pet is happy.

The software associated with the sensor collects cardiac information and analyzes its variations, so that it is able to configure patterns to indicate the animal's emotional state as accurately as possible and to show it to the owner.

All this data will be stored in the cloud and will be shown in the application for ‘smartphone’ - only available for iOS, but with prospects of also being on Android shortly - and tablets that come with the ‘wearable’. Thus, the person can monitor not only the emotional state, but also the physical state and act accordingly so that the animal's quality of life is adequate.

The "harness" is suitable for dogs between 4 and 40 kilograms. It is available in three different colors, gray, pink and blue, and the battery lasts about 5 hours, depending on the use (the intention is to improve it).

At the moment, the Yamaguchi project is seeking funding through an Indiegogo campaign to become a reality. With a goal of $ 30,000 to get ahead, right now the 'wearable' can be purchased for $ 169 plus shipping.

The device will continue to be improved to make it even more comfortable to use and more optimal in terms of the data provided. In addition, thanks to some of the functions that will be incorporated into the application, owners will be able to choose different dynamics or games as the dog is at that moment.

* Wearable refers to the set of electronic gadgets and devices that are incorporated into any part of the body, in this case of pets, interacting continuously with the user and with other devices in order to perform a specific function, smart watches or smartwatchs , sports shoes with built-in GPS and bracelets that monitor our health are examples among many others of this technological genre that is gradually more present in our lives.

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