Young people make pencils from recycled paper

Young people make pencils from recycled paper

Dagma and Matías Miranda are two young students who own a small business of pencils made by hand with recycled paper, whose objective is to take care of the environment and promote local work.

Young people from Mendoza commented that the idea came about because they wanted to promote responsible consumption in the area, as well as recycling and reusing the materials that are discarded.

Dagma –25 years old– has a degree in Business Management and Matías –23 years old– is a senior technician in Environmental Management, so they decided to carry out this venture in a merged manner.

"We ask ourselves' what can we do, what can we create to do something here, local more than anything?" Then the idea of ​​making pencils out of paper came up. In addition, in our city, we have an urban solid waste plant, so we said "great, there is something that can help us." First we did trial and error, and there it came out, ”said the young woman.

He explained: “What we do is insert a lead, then we give it an artisanal shape, we shape it into a pencil and it is already drying for a while. Then it has a polish, a detail in which we put the mark and it would be finished. We make them 12 centimeters long and they can be sharpened, it is the same as a wooden pencil ”.

Four pencils can be made by hand from a journal sheet. It should be said that later on they plan to do this work in a more industrial way, for which they want to have the necessary machinery.

The brand with which these pencils are presented is "Suyana". Regarding the meaning, Dagma said that it came from the Quechua language and that it means "hope", since it precisely has to do with giving hope to waste that is disposed of in large quantities in the neighboring department. "We learned that the material that was most disposed of in the city was paper and cardboard, so we said about this waste 'let's make a product,'" he said.

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