Vegetable information tattooed on the peel to avoid plastic

Vegetable information tattooed on the peel to avoid plastic

A company from Malaga, Spain, to reduce the use of plastics in fruit and vegetable packaging, began to "tattoo" directly on the skin of the food, using a laser.

In European legislation it is a requirement that each piece of fruit or vegetable be labeled individually, and the most common way of doing this is through the use of adhesive plastic labels. The first in Europe to apply this high technology have been the Swedish supermarkets.

The laser that marks the vegetables is not harmful to them since it is very superficial. It also does not alter the taste, smell or shelf life of the fruit or vegetable. They are a kind of tattoo-like stamps that give the name of the product, country of origin and code number.

Although it may seem like a fashion, the initiative is due to a need to save the planet.

When entering a supermarket, almost all products are wrapped in plastic, including fruits and vegetables that already have their natural protective shell.

Plastic wrap is not only unnecessary, it is also bad for the environment. An average bag is used for 12 minutes, and it takes 500 years to degrade. The world plastic generated since 1950 is equivalent to the weight of a million Eiffel towers.

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