What is the Global Climate Strike? Join

What is the Global Climate Strike? Join

More than 70 organizations, including CCOO, urge citizens to join the global call for mobilizations for Climate

In defense of the future, a living planet and a just world, civil society organizations and collectives urge citizens to support and join the Global Climate mobilization on September 27

The signatory organizations call for the immediate declaration of the climate emergency and the concrete measures necessary to rapidly reduce net greenhouse gas emissions to zero. Institutions, States and companies must listen to citizens and organizations that demand a new socio-ecological model that does not compromise the survival of life as we know it. More than 70 organizations have already shown their support for the call for the Global Strike for Climate on September 27

Madrid, July 24, 2019

Recent reports from the UN scientific networks on the state of biodiversity, which indicate that nearly a million species between animals and plants are on the verge of extinction as a result of human activities, and on the increase in the Global average temperature of 1.5 ºC, warn of the deterioration of a large number of ecosystems, both terrestrial and marine, as well as the point of no return in the face of climate change.

Humanity faces one of its greatest challenges: the climate crisis. A crisis, a direct consequence of the current model of extractivist production and globalized consumption, which endangers our own survival and that of a large number of other species and ecosystems and has an unfair impact, especially on the world's most impoverished and vulnerable populations. Failure to respond quickly and forcefully to the climatic and civilizational emergency would mean the death of millions of people, in addition to the irreplaceable extinction of many species essential for life on Earth, given the complex ecosystem interrelationships.

The data is overwhelming and time plays against us. In the case of the Mediterranean region, in which the Iberian Peninsula is located and which is one of the most vulnerable to climate change, if the increase in global average temperature is not limited to 1.5 ºC, the consequences for Present and future generations will be catastrophic: more intense and prolonged heat waves, recurrent droughts, desertification, increased extreme weather events, loss of biodiversity, lack of availability of drinking water and fertile lands, more virulent fires, impoverishment and increase in inequalities
in any of its expressions, etc. Therefore, the different European, state, regional and local institutions must assume their responsibility and be up to the needs of this crucial moment in history. The fight against the climate emergency cannot be subordinated to an ideology or political color, it must be assumed by all parties.

For all this, and in defense of the present and the future, of a living planet and a just world, the signatory individuals and groups join the international call for the Global Strike for Climate, on September 27, and we urge all of society (citizens and all social, environmental and union actors) to mobilize and join the call for the Global Strike for Climate, disseminating and participating in the actions that we are calling, which we will specify and which will be taken very differently forms: demonstrations, student and consumer strikes, lockouts of compromised entities, mobilizations in the workplace and in the streets, etc. A great common and united cry in the climate fight.

Collectives and organizations that support the Manifesto:

AV. Galea vetus AC The Office of Cultural Productions Alianza Malagueña for the Climate and Ecological Emergency Friends of the Earth ARBA Córdoba ASA (Aragonese Solidarity Action) Antimilitarist Assembly of Madrid Assembly of pensioners Málaga ASiA - Associació Salut i Agroecologia Ecologistes en Acció ASOCIACIÓN ACCIÓN VERAPAZ ADIMHE Association Environmental and Cultural Association TRALAPENA Association of Neighbors and Neighbors El Palo Association PETJADES Associació Alternativa Verda Associació Dia de la Terra Catalunya Biziz Bizi Association of Urban Cyclists of Bilbao Bloque Bollero Butroi Bizirik in transition CÁDIZ POR EL CLIMA State campaign No to the Trade and Investment Treaties CCOO Centro Social Seco CGT Climate Reality Project Europe COAG (Coordinator of Organizations of Farmers and Ranchers) Collective Basic Rent Intersindical Confederation Against the Flood Coordinator of ONGD-Spain STATE COORDINATOR OF FAIR TRADE State Coordinator for the Public Train, Social and Sustainable NGO Coordinator La Rioja EA26 Environmental Education ECOAR Global Ecologists in Action Ecologists in Action in Córdoba Ecologists in Action in Madrid Ecoloxistes n'Aición d'Asturies Economists without Borders Ecooo ECOSOL NGO Ecounion Educo Spain Ekologistak Martxan Entrepueblos-Entrepobles-Entrepobles-Herriarte Euskal Gune Ekosozialista / Espacio Ecosocialista Vasco Extinction Rebellion F4F Alcorisa Spanish Federation of Engineering without Borders Regional Federation of Neighborhood Associations of Madrid Fundación Renovables FUNDEM Greenpeace IDEAS. S. Coop. And. InspirAction Intersindical Región Murciana Intersindical Valenciana ISENER (Institute of Energy Sustainability) Youth for the Climate - Fridays For Future La Corriente Cooperative Society La Ribera en Bici-Ecologistes en Acció Mothers por el Clima Margalló-Ecologistes en Acció d'Elx Movimiento Ibérico Antinuclear NastideplasticNetbizkaia Murcia Observatory of Political Ecology of ATTAC ONGAWA Paradigma Media Andalucía Per l'Horta Perifèries del Món Permaculture Huerta-Jardín del Apothecary Platform Tanquem Cofrents Platform for a New Energy Model - Cantabria Node Neighborhood Platform Touro O Pino Non Network of Women for an Energy Transition Ecofeminist ECOFEMINIST NETWORK Iberian Network of Ecovillages Malaga Network for Climate REVO SUSTAINABLE PROSPERITY SAE. Sos Action Energía SEDELLA Nature S.C. SEO / BirdLife SICOM - Solidaritat i Comunicació SLOW FOOD GREDOS-TIÉTAR Solidaridad Internacional Andalucía STEI Intersindical SUSTENTA Teachers For Future Spain The Climate Reality Project Spain
Tradener A Future Without Carbon General Union of Workers (UGT) Union Sindical Obrera (USO) UPA (Union of Small Farmers and Ranchers) Verdegaia Verdemar-Ecologists in Action Wina WWF Spain Xúquer Viu

Fridays for Future - Youth for Climate Movement of young environmentalists. It arises in Europe and arrives in our country in February of this year with the will to demand that the political class take urgent measures to mitigate global warming and the declaration of a climate emergency. We organize to achieve a transition in the face of the climate crisis. | ig: @juventudxclima

2020 Rebellion for Climate European campaign made up of more than 30 organizations that demand climate justice. Its objective is to make connections between the different struggles and help groups and movements to intensify their actions in a strategic and coordinated way. |

Climate Alliance It was born in early 2015 in the heat of the debates and initiatives prior to the Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21) that gave rise to the Paris Agreement. It is made up of more than 400 organizations representing the environmental movement, trade union, development cooperation, science and research and consumers.

Alliance for the Climate Emergency Made up of numerous collectives, organizations and social and environmental movements, it was born in May 2019, to demand the declaration of a Climate Emergency from the Spanish government as well as the rest of the regional and local institutions, and fight against the climate crisis.

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