Shocking forest fires in Africa, worse than in the Amazon?

Shocking forest fires in Africa, worse than in the Amazon?

Shocking satellite images show there are MORE wildfires in Africa than in the Amazon, as flames devastate the world's 'second green lung'.

More than a million and a half square kilometers of forest in the Congo Basin are now on fire in an area known as Earth's "second green lung."

In surprising NASA images, fires appear to burn across the center of the continent from Gabon to Angola.

At the G7 summit, President Emmanuel Macron tweeted about the flames from Africa revealing that world leaders were examining an initiative similar to the one proposed to combat the flames from Brazil.

"The forest is also burning in sub-Saharan Africa," he posted.

In a two-day period last week, Angola had roughly three times as many fires as Brazil, according to data from Weather Source.

Statistics revealed that there were 6,902 fires in Angola and 3,395 fires in the neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo, compared to around 2,200 fires recorded in Brazil.

Like the Amazon, African forests absorb CO2 and are sanctuaries for hundreds of endangered species.

Under pressure from environmentalists, G7 leaders this week promised to take action against the Amazon fire, but so far the African fires have attracted much less attention.

International leaders agreed to provide logistical and financial support to help fight fires in the world's largest rainforest.

Macron revealed that the G7 countries were prepared to release the £ 18 million during a crisis meeting notoriously missed by Donald Trump.

However, the president of Brazil rejected the cash, saying that Macron's plan for an "alliance" to "save" the Amazon treated Brazil "as if we were a colony or no man's land."

The Congo Basin covers an area of ​​3.3 million square kilometers in several countries, including about a third in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the remainder in Gabon, Congo, Cameroon, and Central Africa.

However, most of the wildfires shown on NASA's maps of Africa are outside of sensitive areas of the rainforest, analysts say, and making comparisons to the Amazon is not an easy matter.

The voice of environmentalists

"The question now is how far we can compare," Philippe Verbelen, a Greenpeace forestry activist working in the Congo Basin, told

“Fire is quite normal in Africa. It is part of a cycle, people in the dry season set fire to the bushes instead of the dense and humid rainforest. "

The Angolan government also urged caution, saying that any comparison to the Amazon can lead to "misinformation."

The fires were quite common at the end of the dry season, the Angolan Ministry of the Environment added.

"It happens at this time of year, in many parts of our country, and farmers set fires with the land in its preparation phase, due to the proximity of the rainy season," he said.

We previously reported how Hercules fighter jets are now being used to dump thousands of gallons of water in thousands of wildfires in the Amazon.

The emergency move comes amid mounting fury over the shocking ongoing destruction of the planet's largest rainforest.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro ordered the sudden military intervention to fight multiple fires that are now out of control.

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