Electoral platforms do not include environmental issues. NGO claim

Electoral platforms do not include environmental issues. NGO claim

In the run-up to the presidential elections in October, while the candidates' representatives discuss the issues and the format of the previous debates, environmental organizations highlighted that "the protection of Argentine biodiversity needs attention on the electoral platforms" and claim that the issue be included in the political agenda.

The agencies say that “there is no economy that stands on a weakened nature. Dozens of Argentine native species are in danger of extinction. The political agendas of the candidates for the next elections do not reflect the claim of the Argentines who support the conservation of our wild heritage ”.

And they add: "Some platforms do not even include content on environmental issues, or what dominates in them is an approach limited almost exclusively to human needs."

Through a letter sent to the six presidential candidates, the organizations requested to be “summoned” to “contribute their knowledge and willingness to promote dialogues, facilitate participatory processes, and generate and integrate work teams that generate content and identify solutions to problems” such as the impact of harmful extractive activities and the current system of industrial agriculture, the destruction of the native forest, the introduction of alien species and the use of plastics.

They also warned about planting waste, fishing and illegal trafficking of species. Consequently, the organizations that signed the letter affirmed that “we can help safeguard the native fauna and flora.

And they concluded: “Social welfare, stability, and equity depend on the standards of nature conservation guiding the economy. Society differentiates the expression of political will from concrete actions that mitigate the loss of biodiversity. The threat to the species will continue with the lack of a comprehensive concept that agrees on policies and strategies. It is a priority to assume generational responsibility for the care of the natural heritage ”.

The organizations that promote the initiative are Aves Argentinas, Fundación Ambiente y Recursos Naturales, Fundación Cambio Democrático, Fundación Patagonia Natural, Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina, Global Penguin Society, Instituto de Conservación de Ballenas and Wildlife Conservation Society Argentina.

Top 10 issues that should be tackled on electoral platforms

1- The sea, steppe, wetlands, forests and grasslands, among other environments, are exposed to destructive use through incentives and subsidies that support harmful extractive activities.

2- The current system of industrial agriculture impacts the soil, abuses agro-chemicals, pollutes the water and kills essential species for a healthy environment. It is necessary to move towards an agro-ecological transition.

3- Argentina is one of the countries that destroys the native forest the fastest. It is necessary to fully establish the fund of Law 26,331.

4- The national system of protected areas requires technical strengthening and economic support.

5- The current protected areas are not completely representative of the natural heritage for environments such as grasslands, steppes, mountains and the sea.

6- The introduction of foreign species destroys native species. It is urgent to declare illegal aquaculture based on non-indigenous species (example: salmon farming).

7- The use of plastics pollutes and makes you sick: zero plastic for the commercialization and transport of food, and control of polluting fishing activity.

8- Fishing exploits natural species and agriculture eliminates them to gain planting space. 30% of what is sown and fished is wasted.

9- The policies for managing extractive activities based on species operate independently of the impact of climate change on biodiversity.

10- The illegal trafficking of species is related to drug trafficking, illegal immigration, the mistreatment of animals and the loss of biodiversity. Fighting it is a national security need focused on environmental aspects.

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