Iceland bans toothpaste boxes

Iceland bans toothpaste boxes

In a world of "packaged packaging", some countries are becoming aware of the need for so much packaging.

In the case of toothpastes, if you think about it, putting the plastic tube inside a cardboard box that is thrown away immediately after purchase is ridiculous. That is why Iceland has decided to ban them to reduce garbage.

The Nordic country decided to eliminate these boxes that are not so necessary to protect the product. In this country, already 90% of toothpastes come without a box or plastic.

Although cardboard is a recyclable material, there is no need to continue using it since its manufacturing or processing uses water and energy.

Iceland is considered one of the most environmentally friendly countries. The ecological culture of its citizens has put pressure on the government and it has acted accordingly, promulgating legislation in favor of the planet. Businesses have had no choice but to tailor their products to these conscious consumers.

Icelanders are proof that by changing our habits, we can have a great impact for the Earth, and consequently, better lives for all.

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