6 dead Andean condors found after consuming pesticides

6 dead Andean condors found after consuming pesticides

Again the discovery of dead animals from poisoning causes stupor. In this case, they were discovered in the town of Perito Moreno. As explained by the Fundación Bioandina Argentina (FBA), six Andean condors perished after consuming carbofuran, a pesticide banned in the country.

According to data also revealed by the FBA, in little more than a year, more than 100 condors were poisoned throughout the country.

After the discovery of the last six dead birds, the Flora and Fauna Foundation notified the Provincial Agrarian Council (CAP) and the FBA, which immediately organized a work team and went to the place to investigate what happened.

Once at the site, they found a dead sheep and the remains of a fox next to the condors, which led to another case of poisoning.

Immediately the dead animals were removed from the place to clean up the area and thus avoid future poisonings, and then the necropsies were completed at the CAP Perito Moreno facilities and from there samples were derived for toxicological studies to the City of Buenos Aires, which as a result: carbofuran poisoning.

After the result, an investigation was initiated by the zonal justice to determine who or who were the culprits of this unfortunate event.

In a statement issued by the FBA it was highlighted: “The repetition of cases registered in the province is worrying. Less than a year ago, in the same town, 10 condors died from the use of carbofuran ”.

"In January of this year, another condor and several raptors died in Río Turbio for the same reason and, less than a month ago, that municipality declared an" environmental and sanitary emergency "due to the death of more than 60 poisoned dogs," they added. in the note.

From the FBA they closed: “Unfortunately, some residents use poison to try to control large carnivores, such as pumas, foxes or dogs. With this, they not only cause the death of scavenger species, in charge of maintaining the cleanliness of the environment, but they also contaminate the soil, water and endanger all forms of life, including human health ”.


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