The wave of climate civil disobedience begins: We defend nature

The wave of climate civil disobedience begins: We defend nature

  • Faced with the inaction of governments in the face of the climatic and ecological emergency, massive actions of civil disobedience arise in Spain and the rest of the world.
  • The lack of political responses to the climate crisis pushes citizens towards a strategy of direct, massive and international non-violent action.
  • After the massive demonstrations on September 27, the 2020 Climate Rebellion platforms 1 and Extinction Rebellion Spain 2 They call for massive peaceful actions starting October 7 in Madrid for climate justice and in defense of life.

A wave of peaceful civil disobedience is sweeping the planet once again: in cities such as London, Madrid, Buenos Aires, New York, Auckland, Paris, Berlin, Prague or Melbourne, civil society is taking to the streets to try to force a definitive turn on the current ecological emergency situation.

During the last year, different expressions of climate activism have emerged all over the planet, with massive protests in defense of life and the planet as a whole. These international mobilizations have paved the way for political declarations of climate emergencies in countries such as Ireland, the United Kingdom or France, and have contributed to an unprecedented global awareness of the seriousness of the environmental situation.

But now, faced with the collapse that the scientific community warns about, it is urgent to take immediate measures before reaching a point of no return. Citizens will demand in the streets and squares that they know of the declaration to action.

The report of the Panel of Experts on Climate Change (IPCC for its acronym in English) already warned in 2018 of the urgency of undertaking deep emission reductions and rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society. One year later, the measures for an ecosocial transition that must be drastic are far from being put into operation.

An intergenerational and diverse rebellion

Faced with this institutional inaction, and after the success of the Global Strike for Climate, Extinction Rebellion Spain and 2020 Rebellion for Climate, a platform of which Ecologistas en Acción is a part, they call for a peaceful uprising in Spain to push the necessary changes . A rebellion of the whole society, intergenerational and diverse.

On September 30, dozens of activists chained themselves to the Palacio de San Telmo in Seville, seat of the Presidency of the Junta de Andalucía, blocking access to the main doors of the Palace for more than an hour. Previously, they had sent the keys to the padlocks with which they have been chained to different councils of the Board by certified mail.

Extinction Rebellion Spain and 2020 Rebellión por el Clima consider that the most powerful factor of change is the civil movement.

Therefore, they demand a change in the system and call for a rebellion against:

  1. The passivity of governments and the irresponsibility of a political class on many occasions more concerned with the interests of its parties than with a climate crisis that is inexorably advancing.
  2. The lack of response to the very serious ecological and civilizational crisis and the current mass extinction of species.
  3. The absence of climate justice and a real democracy that guarantees a dignified life for all people and the rest of the species that inhabit the Earth.

2020 Rebelión por el Clima and Extinction Rebellion Spain consider that there is an ethical requirement not to bequeath a dying planet to younger and future generations.

They also understand that all dysfunctional aspects of society are linked together by a socioeconomic system that exploits people and nature. Therefore, they call for civil, coordinated and massive disobedience, against the system that is taking the planet to the edge of the abyss.


  • 2020 Climate Rebellion is a platform for non-violent action in the face of the climate and ecological crisis that emerged in Europe in 2019. The platform does not have a single target audience for its actions, which can range from the political class to the polluting industries responsible for the ecological crisis. 2020 Rebellion for Climate is a movement of highly diverse movements, whose main purpose is to coordinate for non-violent action under the umbrella of climate justice. In the rest of European countries the name of the platform is # By2020WeRiseUp.
  • Extinction Rebellion (XR) is an international movement that acts against the inaction of governments on the current climate and ecological crisis through massive non-violent direct action, through three demands; declaration of a climate emergency, GHG emissions to 0 net by 2025 and creation of citizen assemblies for change.

Video: #ExtinctionRebellion Launches Civil Disobedience Campaign Over Climate Change (September 2021).