Who finances the hatred against Greta, with names and surnames

Who finances the hatred against Greta, with names and surnames

The following text was published at the end of May 2019, but the following months have been enough for events to fully confirm its content and for it to acquire an explosive charge that - perhaps - it did not have at first. We are thus facing the media aggression of unprecedented violence and vulgarity that Greta Thunberg has endured for weeks, with the declared aim of irremediably discrediting her first and then - and above all - the increasingly radical and increasingly radical youth movement. that is inspired by your example! To an attack or rather a public lynching that has funders and organizers with well-known names and surnames and who, by the way, are used to using the most ignoble means to defend their unspeakable capitalist interests ...

However, it is clear that as the months go by and due to the exponential development of the movement against climate catastrophe, its declared enemies are no longer only multinationals and other fossil fuel moguls from the West, but also from the East. And obviously, they are no longer limited to members of OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries), whose secretary general has described Greta and her young movement as "the greatest enemy" of its member countries. To all these people are now added all those who are beginning - rightly - to panic at the threat posed to their small and large interests and powers by the movement that brings millions of young people onto the streets all over the planet. It is therefore to this herd of mediocre and extremely spiteful and reactionary people that scribes of all kinds belong, who lately spend their energy in denigrating Greta to disguise their true motives: their denial of the cataclysmic threat to humanity and the planet which represents the climate catastrophe, and the defense of this capitalist system that has not only generated it, but persists in turning it every day into a more frightening nightmare…!

Trump funders, behind the European far right that targets the youth revolt against the climate catastrophe! [one]

It is generally accepted that the winners of the European Elections on May 26 have been the extreme right and the Greens. And it is also generally accepted that the success of the Greens has been greatly contributed by the unprecedented mobilizations of a youth that has been inspired by the combativeness and radical theses of the young Swede Greta Thunberg. Consequently, it is not surprising that this far right chooses to attack what it calls "the myth of climate change" and above all, increasingly focuses its attack on the person of this Greta Thunberg who reactivates youth in Europe and beyond!

At the forefront of the campaign against Greta, punctuated by hundreds of often very vulgar texts and photomontages, are three of Europe's most important far-right parties: El National Front French (RN), the AFD German and the UKIP British. And behind these far-right parties and their abject campaign, two conservative climate-skeptical think-tanks, the EIKE (European Institute for Climate and Energy) and the CFACT-Europe (Committee for a Creative Tomorrow), which support in a multiform way, and not only with "arguments" and conferences, the denial of the climate catastrophe by the extreme right.

The EIKE institute, in the mouth of its vice president, denies having the least relationship with AFD, although this vice president, named Michael Limburg, has recently been a candidate for it… AFD! It must be said that EIKE, together with AFD, has been able to organize the climate-skeptical days even ... within the German Parliament, has come out of anonymity thanks to the annual conference that it has organized for years with some success, since it has been able to influence the attitude of the European Union on climate change. However, it is precisely this annual EIKE conference that is co-organized by two American organizations: CFACT-US, which finances its European subsidiary of the same name. And above all, the Heartland Institute, which, according to TheEconomist, "is the world's best-known think tank among those who defend skepticism about climate change due to man.".

It is exactly at this moment that the polls and revelations of the Institute for Strategic Dialogue British (ISD) and Greenpeace they take on enormous political importance, because they shed light on the economic forces behind those who deny the climate catastrophe, and also behind the “phenomenon” of a soaring European (and world) far right. In fact, both CFACT-US and the Heartland Institute are funded more than generously by big American capital, by ExxonMobil, the family Koch, the second richest North American family that dominates –among others- in the oil sector, the family Mercer, who is also one of the main funders of President Trump, or even Microsoft Y RJR Tobacco! It should be noted that Heartland has a history as a server of the unspeakable intentions of big capital, since it was once the main agent of the propaganda of the tobacco giants who denied the relationship between smoking and cancer. Not surprisingly, then, its main funder was… Philip Morris… [2]

But do not believe that the Heartland Institute is a simple painless and colorless "tool", devoid of its own theses and actions. From that point of view, the CV of its new president Tim Huelskamp he is very eloquent and didactic. Leader of the very conservative Tea party, Huelskamp distinguishes himself as a deputy (which has been until 2017) from the most reactionary wing of the republicansand maintains close ties with the American extreme right. Also note that, of all the American deputies, he is the one who, for a long time, has received the largest sums of money from fossil fuel companies, and who has "thanked" him for it, always voting against any attempt to legislate against their interests. ...

Thanks to a leaked internal Heartland document, we have been able to know -in detail- not only its financing by large capital (several million dollars), but also the “investment” of these sums in a wide range of activities, ranging from payment from “salaries” abloggers who influence public opinion and “scientists” who travel the world denying the climate catastrophe, to the writing and publication of propagandist material that is directed to schools and their students. For example, the group of "scientists" in charge of "contradicting" the conclusions of the work of the Intergovernmental Group of Experts... it costs $ 300,000 a year, while the propagation of the thesis that "the issue of climate change is controversial and uncertain" ... in elementary schools it costs them $ 100,000!

We are thus facing the revelation of a reality that sheds some light on some of the great "mysteries" of our time. To begin with, the European extreme right, or at least some of its heavyweights, maintain close ties - when they do not depend - with a political and economic center / general staff located in the United States, and more precisely, in the White House and its funders and other endorsements of President Trump. [3] So, it is no coincidence that this "black international" seems to have come to the conclusion that the issue of the climate catastrophe, and more precisely, the - increasingly broad and radical - youth movement fighting against it represents the greater threat to their interests and to the domination of the capitalist system in the years to come. And finally, it is not by chance that this "black international", and more specifically its European "section", concentrates its attacks primarily on the person of Greta Thunberg, the incontestable inspiring, theoretical and at the same time coordinator of youth mobilizations throughout most of Europe and beyond.

Here is how the relationship between the extreme right and big capital is currently presented. Not in an abstract and dogmatic way, but in a concrete way, with funders and financed who have not only names, surnames and addresses, but also tangible interests and “causes” they serve. Yet all these people do nothing but their jobs. If the left did its thing, the situation would be quite different ...

Translation: Fatima Martín, for Cadtm



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[3] For a better understanding of all this, as well as the developments at the top and especially at the bottom of North American society, see Facebook: Author

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