India is so polluted that "oxygen bars" became fashionable

India is so polluted that

India is one of the countries with the highest air pollution, but since last month, air quality has reached critical levels.

India's air pollution crisis has become so severe that officials in the capital declared a public health emergency and even schools have been suspended. There were times when the safe limit was reached 60 times in some parts of the capital.

Against this background, the inhabitants of New Delhi have found a very particular solution, go to "oxygen bars" to breathe clean air.

The renowned newspaper The New York Times made a note about one of the oxygen bars, called Oxy Pure. Deal of the day: a 15-minute session for $ 4-6.

How does an oxygen bar work?

At the bar, customers insert small tubes into their nostrils through which they breathe in pure and flavored air, with a total of 7 varieties such as lavender, orange or mint.

The owner of the bar, Aryavir Kumar, never thought that he could make a living from the business of “selling air”, but reflects that until a few years ago, nobody thought that bottled water would be sold either.

One of the bar's users, Ukrainian Lisa Dwivedi, said she came to the bar because she was fed up with itchy eyes, a runny nose and a swollen throat. "I don't know if it's psychological, but it makes me feel good to know that I'm inhaling pure oxygen, even if only for 15 minutes", He said.


Video: The Hindu Newspaper 01st December 2019 (September 2021).