Does Greta bother you? Well, you know…

Does Greta bother you? Well, you know…

Arturo Criado interviewed me for El Español a few days ago talking about my book, «Living in the future«, and today he publishes the interview taking advantage of the arrival of the climate activist Greta Thunberg, placing quotation marks on one of my phrases about it, «Greta Thunberg is a symbol , if it works it does not matter if it is mediated or if it is extravagant.

Greta is especially annoying to many people, particularly men in their forties who are skeptical of the climate emergency. Of those three characteristics, you know: if you are a man and you were born more than forty years ago, after all, it is not your fault: it happens to me too, and here I am, trying to understand the world around me. But if you are skeptical about the climate emergency, you are an IMPECIL, like this, with all its letters in capital letters, and on that you can, maybe, do some things (starting by changing or, if you are not able to do it because you're even more of a fool than you looked, not to bother).

First, study. Be aware that your "position", the one you defend with the insistence of a brother-in-law at the Christmas table, is contrary to 99% of the scientific community, who do not argue with you because they do not need to: they do not contribute, like you, bar arguments. bar that you read on the internet or a friend told you, but rather they have statistical time series of many years, with mathematical models that you would never understand, and with papers that, when published, have gone through multiple review panels that have thoroughly tested their methods and conclusions. If you've ever truly believed that your arguments were on a level with theirs, there is no better proof available: you are a SUCK. Thus, with all its letters.

Second, you understand that Greta is a sixteen-year-old Swedish girl, who has long tired of hearing stupid things about what her government - and the rest of the world's governments - did or oppose regarding the climate emergency, and decided to act. Parents left it, because in Sweden children's freedoms are taken very seriously (now, to you, who are the way you are, it will seem like an aberration, but look where, Swedish education is far above that of many countries in the world , so that freedom thing, mind you, it works), and that they found that the girl was mature enough to develop her arguments well and be persuasive, so they decided to support her in her crusade. Nothing is wrong with Greta, so that air of moral superiority with which you supposedly "worry" about her you can put it where it fits you: that Asperger's thing is not a disease, it is a syndrome that many people suffer, in many cases not diagnosed, possibly including people around you. In many ways, having Asperger's implies an ability to focus much better, more fully and efficiently, on a given subject, so in some sense, Greta is superior to you. Which, if you're an idiot, it will also bother you. What can we do.

Third, Greta, with the movement that she has created, with her speeches, with her gestures and with her travels, has already done more to raise awareness about the climate emergency than all the politicians in the world lined up. At only sixteen years old, he already deserves his place in the history books more than many of them: in fact, to a large extent, if somebody still cares about history books in a few decades, it will be largely thanks to she. Greta knows that all those promises from politicians and businessmen regarding decarbonizing in 2050 are true stupidities, and that in reality, what we do in 2050, when she is 46 years old, will already be completely the same, because we will be completely condemned to live what's left of us on a planet turned into a catastrophic scenario.

Greta represents the only valid visionRegarding the climate emergency, which shows that COP25 is rubbish and that very few of those who attend it have understood anything: I like to call it climate nihilism, because nihilism is that movement that supposes the rejection of all religious and moral principles context, and the only way to understand the fight against the climate emergency today is not by trying to make it compatible with the economy, with the creation of wealth, with social justice, or with anything at all: it is simply something that What to do above all else, whoever falls, at the cost of anything, be it closing factories, losing jobs, or causing problems for people. Jobs, factories, the incomes of entrepreneurs, or the wealth of nations are all absurd social constructs that have no relative importance with respect to the one end we should have in mind at the moment: to stop the climate emergency. Decarbonisation cannot be "orderly" or "fair" or anything like that: it can only be IMMEDIATE. Anything else is a demonstration that neither its importance nor its urgency has been understood. Decarbonization is a technological problem, and we have to apply all the technology available to it, whatever the cost, let's close the factories that we have to close (now, not in 2040), and economically isolate all the countries that do not comply.

Many things can be said about Greta: that she has become the visible head of an increasingly large and radicalized movement, that her way of moving around the world is impractical or that there are interests around her figure. Of course: the bigger that movement becomes and the more radicalized, the better for everyone, the more coherent it remains in its way of doing things, the less objectionable it will be, and in terms of the interests around its figure, even if you are too You stupid enough to understand ... is that they are the same as yours, or at least, the ones you should have if, indeed, you were not stupid: survive as a species. Because Greta is not dedicated to thinking that the world does not care, she is not so selfish as to think that when the world breaks down to the level of not being able to support human life she will no longer be here (something that, moreover, is false, because this goes much faster than you think), and does not say that "total, for what I have left in the convent, I shit inside", which is what you, in your maximum expression of insolidarity and moral degradation, you pretend to do every day while you criticize her.

As long as you continue to pretend that maintaining your economic level, your comfort to move or the gross domestic product of your country is an end that should somehow come before the fight against the climate emergency, Greta will continue to be, in terms of critical judgment and understanding of the problem, very, very above you. And that, surely, will continue to bother you a lot, because that is what happens to imbeciles: that instead of being aware that they are, they pretend that the whole world is wrong, that they are all moving in the opposite direction and they are the only ones they are right.

If Greta bothers you, you know: there will be more and more Gretas surrounding you, disfiguring your disgusting skeptical attitude, your moral relativism and your ridiculous idea that "we cannot decarbonise because then we would lose well-being", or "we will already decarbonize within twenty or thirty years ». There will be more and more Gretas, and they will buy less of your company's products, and they will demonstrate at your door, and protest against you, against what you do and against what you don't do. They will be there to save you, although surely no one deserves it less than you and your disgusting skepticism.

Does Greta bother you? Well, you know: JÓ-DE-TE. It is what it is.

Written by Enrique Dans, in his Blog

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