Blue Planet in Perspective: Dawn Message

Blue Planet in Perspective: Dawn Message

By Celestino Flores

For now, only in this great Garden are the resources and the sufficient possibilities ... "to satisfy (with ease) the needs (requirements) of all, but NOT the greed (greed) of all", as taught by The Mahatma Ghandi. This is only feasible within the general process of defense and democratic promotion of food security, as well as the promotion of a qualitatively and quantitatively sustainable agriculture; that is to say, of reasonable yield and free of poisons and everything that may disturb the quality of health.

"All Nature is nothing more than a book with which God speaks to Men of superior truths" ... - Angel Chiclana Cardona, Prologue of the Divine Comedy

Friends of Planet Earth and the Universe, Children of Humanity, this grandiose dawn of the XXI Century and of the Third Millennium of universal Christianity is propitious to pay a critical (reflective) tribute to the Planet of the solar system that serves as our Habitat. As an act of humility we understand as an essentiality to definitely recognize and internalize that outside the Earth there is not yet, in the vastness of the known Universe, a possible alternative for Life in the dimension and profusion in which it is familiar (everyday). The diversity of studies and works that are presented in compendia of everything help to understand such statements ...

Earth is the Blue Planet, a color that symbolizes health and the strength of Life. It is the Planet of Water, Essence of Life. Our Earth must be recognized and exalted as the only celestial body that has liquid Water in abundance. Water is expressed to us in the form of seas, oceans, lakes, river systems, crystalline springs that within any functional dimension give strength to the Ecosphere with the diversity of Ecosystems that compose it. The unique interactions of all the Ecosystems that make up the Ecosphere reaffirm the irreplaceable possibility of managing, directing positively and guaranteeing the conservation, improvement and protection of what we could call the miracle of life.

As far as our documentation reaches, since the last decade of the nineties it has been agreed that April 22 is WORLD EARTH DAY (Gaia) as the great Universal Motherhood, and March 22 is WORLD WATER DAY. In this direction we work and we work in Sucre, Venezuela and the world with great care, dedication and environmental will, since we can live without oil, and without any conventional mineral, but we cannot live without water.

Lya Imber de Coronil pointed out a few years ago that water is more important than oil, which we must consider as a proverbial expression in the face of the reality of being an oil country, without particular regard for the sources of water: essence and abode of life. at the same time.

It is the tenth year of the Third Millennium, and with it we are actively entering an era of great bicentennials of our great feat of republican life, a temporary space conducive to reaffirming coexistence, solidarity, cooperation, fraternity, as well as positive exchange of ideas and affections.

In reality, it is a historically stimulating initial stage of mutual rapprochement, in a fraternal, altruistic and increasingly supportive way to strengthen action and will to work. The supreme purpose is to contribute with determination and pedagogical goodness to the promotion and expansion of Environmental Education in the country and in the world. These are relevant days to give a small but valuable contribution to the promotion and strengthening of educational praxis, and to the cultivation of virtues, since these ... "embellish and dignify the person", as the great Master Confucius teaches us.

The government bodies (instances) have already faced and definitively specified, in an irreducible way, the discussion and approval of the Organic Law of Education (LOE) with its corresponding and irreducible Mirandista-Bolivarian revolutionary rank, in full accordance with the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (CRBV, 1999, March 2000 version), a decision made by the different competent governmental instances (v. National Assembly and Executive Power), on August 15, 2010, Official Gazette No. 5,929, Extraordinary. Thus, the old Organic Law of Education of 1980, political and ideological underpinning of the “puntofijismo” that characterized the last formal phase of the Fourth Republic (1958-1998), was left behind, as it should have happened for perhaps a decade.

The opposite of virtue is vice: alcoholism, drug addiction, gossip, backbiting, sowing of weeds, fostering discord, selfishness, envy, greed, persistent lying, corruption, speculation, hoarding what is essential for the people. Vice, as such, has a satanic (diabolical) and destructive reference. Against vice we have to fight relentlessly, in all spaces where it appears. The Liberator said that we have been degraded more by vice and ignorance than by conventional force.

The main of these spaces for the promotion of virtue is our own person, our spiritual "space", our internality, where the cultivation of intelligence, talent, capacity, solidarity stands out as essential and priority ( charity) and fraternity; These are the fundamental catalysts of the necessary collective awakening as an enriching process of consciousness. "Morals and lights are the poles of a Republic, they are our first needs ... Talent without probity is a scourge", is the living word of El Libertador Simón Bolívar, Angostura February 15, 1819 .. "Nothing to flee (from the) sun , (from air. "You only have to flee from immorality, shamelessness and impudence", is the living word of José Antonio Ramos Sucre; Caracas, November 23, 1924.

We must emphasize as frank and fraternal the contact (interaction) that the environmental and ecological movements have to facilitate between brothers and sisters from different parts of the Mirandista and Bolivarian Homeland which for us is the Sucre State, it is Venezuela, it is America, it is the world. whole..

Positive, creative, must also be the interaction with Nature, in all its dimensions and categories, since there is the essential nutrient of life in what corresponds to us as a fraction of the Universe. Such thoughts and dispositions have strengthened us, they strengthen us and will strengthen us as a society and as individuality in all our corporal, mental and spiritual dimensions, within a creative context and of irreplaceable Love for the neighbor that sustains the mutual solidarity between individuals, peoples and nations.

The basic aspirations of Humanity with respect to the different planetary components are based on the permanent desire to strengthen, affirm and enhance the current psychozoic era where the mind and spirit prevail. Said era on the Planet, as an accelerated transforming agent of the Ecosphere, begins extensively about three, perhaps more, millions of years ago in the bowels of the existences or functional biological entities developed on Planet Earth.

Without the slightest doubt, the way to go is the permanent cultivation of spiritual, corporal and mental health. It is the safe route to advance victoriously towards the highest states or levels of cosmic consciousness, which allow us to recognize ourselves better and better as a universal entity; with unwavering faith, for unveiling the miracle of perfectly tuned universal vibrations, which have made possible the explosion of Life as a particular expression of the energy with which the universe began to make evident and indisputable what we call the ability to think and reflect . This is the basis of the reasoning of Humanity as a particular manifestation of Life that is characteristically part of the perhaps miraculous activism of the planetary Ecosphere.

The XXI Century and the Third Millennium are just two small horizons or temporal intervals that must allow Humanity to evaluate (substantiate) the references of this singular biophilic progress reaffirmed as extensive spirituality. Perhaps all this can be summed up in the great hope and promise that the Apostle Peter poses to us in one of his universal epistles about the goal of ... "new heavens and a new earth in which justice dwells." It is understood that in this legitimate search for happiness (full security) we must always walk along the path of light: "He who walks during the day does not stumble, because he sees the light of this world" (Jn. 11: 9).

"What is destroyed is useless to all" ..., expressed El Libertador Simón Bolívar on one occasion, as if wanting to point out to us the essential of building for the positive, of building for the great and for the beautiful; to affirm, with the mass of virtues, the path of life and the progress of the Homeland, which is Humanity itself, whose undisputed asylum (Habitat) is this still irreplaceable great Planet. For now, only in this great Garden are the resources and sufficient possibilities ... "to satisfy (with ease) the needs (requirements) of all, but NOT the greed (greed) of all", as taught by the wisdom of the great Master revolutionary and champion of freedom of India Mahatma (The Magnanimous) Ghandi.

Ghandi's statement has as an interpretive reference the existence of the real potential of the planet to provide the eight thousand eggs, the hundred sacks of potatoes, the three cattle or the fifty sheep, the fifteen hundred kilos of chicken or fish, the five one thousand loaves of bread (50 sacks of corn) and the fifteen hundred kilograms of vegetables that each human being presumably requires (in about 70 years of life) for sustenance. “The most perfect system of government is the one that produces the greatest amount of happiness possible, the greatest amount of social security, and the greatest amount of political stability”, is the living word of El Libertador Simón Bolívar, Congress of Angostura, February 15, 1819.

"I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full" (Jn. 10: 10b). Within this context, we must fully understand, assimilate and internalize that the ecological (environmental) struggle involves a permanent action for the defense of life within the most diverse dimensions of abundance: Abundance in peace, in virtuous enjoyment, in realizing power. , in well-being, in happiness, in collective security, in health, in solidarity, in magnanimity and in nobility… Abundance in disposition to give, in generosity, in tenderness.

Within this positive framework, that abundance of life is expressed in a universal happiness: “… it will definitely consume death. The Lord will wipe away… tears from all faces, and will remove the reproach (the shame) from his people, from all over the earth ”(Isa. 25: 8).

A miserable existence, full of bitterness, sorrow, insecurity, is contrary to the Law of God; It is the denial of Love for the neighbor, as the essence of faith, of hope, with respect to those who promote said existence through persistent abuse, inconsideration, greed and domination. According to Allan Kardec ... "The laws of God are full of wisdom whose sole purpose is good."

On the other hand, Douglas Jiménez points out that… “the difficulties (…) are only tall grass that hides the multi-colored meadow. We have tools to clear the grass. Let's use them. The reward is the rest in that meadow ”.

It is therefore evident that difficulties are overcome with a will to act, with constant work, with functional knowledge. "Inaction is the image of death," Father Simón Bolívar also expressed in a proverbial way. Therefore, dynamism and action are significant expressions of life. "I want to resemble the wind, the waters, which march incessantly," Maestro Simón Rodríguez points out, in a manifestation of contagious optimism.

Let's then fully enjoy this beautiful sunrise, this unique dawn of the 21st century and the Third Millennium, based on the full enjoyment of the miracles of our Planet. We are going to enjoy it by recognizing its great and almost infinite possibilities or potentialities, where apparently the universe made its thought and reflection expressive through the evolution of that particular and miraculous energetic expression that we call Life! We are going to work with joy and enthusiasm for the sustainability of this great abode of Life! It is the Great Universal Motherhood that is glimpsed on the creative horizon of earthly society, of Humanity in its constructive plenitude! All the activities and works that we will promote, and that are included in any selection of thoughts, must have the purpose of providing a special contribution as solidarity aid for the understanding of the broad horizon of the Mirandista-Bolivarian Homeland and the entire planet.

In order to locate ourselves in our own country with instruments to focus on environmental realities, the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela allows us to address very important issues such as renewal aspects, by specifying the so-called cultural and educational rights (Chapter VI, Articles 98 to 111) . Article 99 states the following: "The values ​​of culture constitute an inalienable asset of the Venezuelan people and a fundamental right that the State will promote and guarantee, seeking the necessary conditions, legal instruments, means and budgets."

… For a permanently free, compulsory and high-quality public education… against poverty and persistent miseries in the world as perversities engendered by greed activated by minority anthropic factors…, against profit motives and consumerism;… for peace of the world and against terrorism in all its expressions, including the perverse conventional wars…; against the persistent media lies that distort the quality of universal history and the wild and natural will; … For the health and well-being of Humanity; … For the constitutional affirmation of Venezuela as the great heritage of Guaicaipuro, Tamanaco, Cayaurima, essential factors of our Indianness; for the redemption of blackness as a racial power of our homeland, an essential component of our human mess, the whole of which takes expression in the Mirandista and Bolivarian homeland ... expressions of genetic integration of human factors from three continents or more as the indisputable genesis of a new and beautiful race, whose libertarian essence must constitute the hope of the Universe.

For the protection, improvement and defense of environmental quality and the quality of life on earth and in the universe! In short ... for a healthy and habitable land for all and forever.

Prof. Celestino Flores: Federation of Environmental Organizations and Boards of Venezuela (FORJA); Universidad de Oriente (Cumaná, Sucre), Sucre State Conservation Society (SCES); Bolivarian Society of Venezuela; Sucre State Environmental Network, RADES

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